Australia: Women Pulled Out of Her Car by Cops at Virus Checkpoint

Many racists are whining about the treatment of coronavirus super-spreaders in Australia. Those people are racists, and they are pure evil. They literally hate democracy.

We have to stop this virus. No cost is too high to save all of these lives.


A confrontation over a windscreen-mounted mobile phone saw a Victoria woman violently pulled from her vehicle by armed police, who allegedly wrestled her to the ground. The dramatic arrest was captured by the phone’s camera.

Natalie Bonett, 29, began filming her ordeal shortly after engaging in an argument with police who stopped her at a checkpoint in Wallan, north of Melbourne, where a strict stage-four quarantine is in place.

An officer had told her that it was illegal to have a mobile phone mounted on a windscreen and that the device was obstructing her view. A brief and tense argument ensued as the officer demanded that Bonett step out of the car, and she refused. “I don’t feel safe, you’re armed,” the woman said after the law enforcer called for backup.

The video then shows the officer lean over to the woman in an effort to drag her out of the vehicle. “Get off me!” she screams repeatedly, as a person in the passenger seat tries to pull her back in.

Bonett herself described the arrest as harrowing. She claimed that four officers grabbed her by the legs and finally removed her from the vehicle. “While trying to cuff me they had their knees in my back and [I] couldn’t breathe,” the woman told her Facebook audience.

“I am shaking and my blood is boiling,” she wrote, promising to release a further video “when my head is in the right headspace.”

For some reason, the footage has been scrubbed from her Facebook page, but was widely shared elsewhere on social media.

Victoria Police have been prompt to give their take on the video. Bonett had refused to remove the phone from the windscreen and would not provide her name and address, which is punishable under road safety laws, the authorities insisted.

Bonett was later released and “is expected to be charged on summons with driving with obscured vision, fail to produce license, fail to state her name and address, resist arrest, assault police and offensive language,” the statement revealed. It did not say anything about the officers’ conduct, however.

Local police have already taken heat online for heavy-handed tactics used to enforce the lockdown rules. Weeks ago, officers arrested a pregnant mother for alleged “incitement” of an anti-lockdown event, despite her pleas to let her undergo a scheduled ultrasound scan. Footage of her being handcuffed sparked outcry on social media.

People need to realize: over fifty thousand million bajillion bazillion people have died from the coronavirus.

Anyone who doesn’t follow the rules is a murderer.

Global freedom has a much bigger threat that the whole world needs to be dealing with.

The thing that we all need to be focused on right now is something totally different: to wit: why are Antifa in Hong Kong not allowed to set old men on fire? Why are they not allowed to break into the mall and burn everything? Why are Chinese Moslems being prevented from carrying out terrorist attacks?

Whiny racist Australians want to complain that they don’t have freedom, when in fact, they live in the freest of free democracies.

Australians whine:

  • “Oh no, I’m being locked in my house!”
  • “Oh my, there are military marching through the streets forcing people to go in their houses and arresting people for not wearing masks!”
  • “Oh dear me, I’m a pregnant woman and the cops showed up at my house, confiscated all my electronics and arrested me for posting on Facebook that I disagree with the lockdown!”
  • “Oh me, a poor little baby, I was pulled out of my car at a military style checkpoint and they threw me on the ground and stepped on my back!”
  • “Oh I’m so sad, the government destroyed my business by forcing me to close and now I’m going to live in poverty!”

You pathetic little children.

None of you have any idea what true oppression is. You need to be thanking Allah every single day that you don’t live in China. You’re mad because you got arrested for a Facebook post?

How about if you just imagine this: you go to the mall to set a Christmas tree on fire, and cops yell at you.

Imagine you’re having a riot, then some old man in a parking garage tells you something like, “I support my country,” and so you decide to set him on fire.

Then afterward, the government says you’re a “criminal.”

That’s what real oppression is, folks. That’s what it’s really like in a country that doesn’t have democracy and doesn’t have freedom.

Sure, in Wuhan, China you can go to a party with pretty girls, get all crowded together, and have a fun time, and the cops don’t come and attack you.

But that isn’t freedom. Freedom is democracy, and when you have a freedom democracy, you can’t leave your house because of a virus, and the police beat you up. The price of the real freedom you experience in a democracy is steeper than you will ever know.

In a democracy, you might not be able to walk around normally, or go over to your friend’s house, or share your ideas on the internet, and the government might destroy your small business over an absurd virus hoax, but one thing is certain: you can always dress up in a black outfit and cause tens of millions of dollars in property damage in order to stop racism.

So you just keep on complaining about pregnant women getting arrested for disagreeing with the government in an internet post, but you remember: right now in China, people are suffering truly brutal oppression, and you’re free from it because of democracy.