Australia to Join US and UK in Offering Asylum to Hong Kong Antifa

The way the right has gone along with the leftist agenda pushing a war with China is simply staggering. I do not understand what the hell people are thinking.

Who cares about China? Do you really want millions more Chinese in your country, because you hate Chinese people? How does it make any sense?

ABC Australia:

Australia is “actively considering” offering safe haven to Hong Kong residents to come to the country after controversial national security laws imposed by China came into effect, Prime Minister Scott Morrison says.

Yesterday, hundreds of people were arrested after demonstrators took to the streets to protest the new laws, which were introduced by China to suppress dissenters.

Overnight, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he would offer eligible people in Hong Kong a path to citizenship, allowing them to settle in the United Kingdom.

Asked whether he was disturbed by the crackdowns on protesters in Hong Kong and whether Australia would offer safe haven for residents of the region, Mr Morrison said: “the answer to both questions is yes and yes”.

“We are considering [it] very actively and there are proposals that I asked to be brought forward several weeks ago,” he said.

“The final touches will be put on those and they’ll soon be considered by Cabinet to provide similar opportunities [to what the UK has offered].

“We think that’s important and very consistent with who we are as a people and very consistent practically with the views that we have expressed.”

He would not elaborate on whether that would include permanent settlement for Hong Kong residents.

“When we have made a final decision on those arrangements I’ll make an announcement, but if you’re asking are we prepared to step up and provide support, the answer is yes,” he said.

Boris Johnson is a right-wing leader.

I just had a literal foaming at the mouth seizure thinking about these people claiming that people have to seek asylum from Hong Kong. This is one of the top five richest cities in the world. It’s a helluva lot richer than Australia.

This is Hong Kong:

It literally looks like Coruscant:

What are they fleeing, exactly?

Yes, the government is telling the Hong Kongese they cannot riot in the streets and light old nationalist men on fire in parking garages for voicing support for the country.

But since when is “inability to riot and start fires” the basis of an asylum claim?

This simply does not make any sense. China is not going to oppress the people who were rioting, they’re just telling them they can’t riot anymore. They’re not going to round them up. And hey – if they were going to round them up, they would just arrest them at the airport when they went to go get their free residency in one of these Anglo countries, huh!

Ah, but… attempting to address any single thing that is happening in 2020 by starting with “BUT IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE” is just going to lead to seizures. And eventually, one of these seizures is going to be a real sonovabitch.

This is just such an obvious way to attack the Chinese by stealing their people and setting up a “government in exile” intelligentsia, while also further destabilizing our own countries with more multiculturalism. You can say, “oh well, educated Hong Kong people are better than Africans and Mexicans” – yeah, okay, obviously. But what does that have to do with anything? They are foreigners of a foreign race, with a foreign culture, being brought into our home. This is always bad. The fact that most of the foreigners they bring in do nothing but live on welfare and commit crimes just speaks to the fact that this is a negative agenda against the people.

Also: no, you’re not going to get millions of sexy gook women who will make you tea while you play video games.

This is all going to be men, then maybe a couple of lesbians. Attractive women do not ever leave their home countries.

I hope that the right-wingers who supported the State Department and the CIA in their agenda against the Chinese, this weird thing where they were paying Antifa to riot and burn things, have learned some kind of lesson here.

Paul Joseph Watson was the leader of the internet right-wing movement supporting this bizarre act by the CIA, and I don’t think he is ever even going to address the fact that his agenda has led to millions of nonwhite immigrants moving into Anglo countries. In fact, this was his plan from the beginning, as he is a sadistic homosexual who was just looking for twink anus.

But for those of you who followed Watson and posted in support of the CIA: I hope something has clicked in your brains. All of this neocon nonsense is bad, always. Sure, war isn’t always bad, but when your country is controlled by foreign powers in the way that our country is controlled by Jews, any wars that it engages in are always going to be for the benefit of the foreign power and not for your benefit.


One thing that is being whined about by the sickening media is that the new security law took away the Hong Kongese freedom of speech. If these three countries say that they need asylum because they need free speech, I’m going to have a final ultra-seizure and that will be the end of me.

The US and UK are the most restrictive countries in terms of free speech on the planet, save for possibly Germany. Of course, you can criticize the Chinese government in these countries, you’re just not allowed to criticize basically anything else on earth.

I don’t really have any desire to criticize the Chinese government, so maybe I can go ahead and be exchanged to Hong Kong, where I’d have the freedom to criticize Jews, black people, gays, immigrants, Islam, women, fat women, trannies, Israel, the Jewish media and Nancy Pelosi.