Australia to Fine People Thousands of Dollars for Leaving Their Homes If Told to Quarantine

It’s just a total coincidence that everything about this virus hoax results in massive new powers for the government.

Sure, the government loves to have new powers (who doesn’t?), but no one planned all this out to give them a bunch of new powers. It just worked out that way. It’s a pleasant surprise for governments.


One in four positive cases of COVID-19 in Victoria were not at home when health authorities check in on them, prompting fears of the outbreak spreading.

Premier Daniel Andrews said in the last 24 hours there had been 130 unsuccessful visits by authorities to confirmed cases at their places of residence.

Members of the Australian Defence Force and health personnel conducted 500 visits to positive cases to check on their welfare and ensure self-isolation is taking place.

“It is simply unacceptable for you to have the virus and not be at home,” Mr Andrews said.

“This is not about just getting fresh air, this is people out in the community.”

More than 100 positive cases of COVID-19 who were not self-isolating at home will now be followed up by Victoria Police.

Mr Andrews said penalties – if pursued in court – could easily equal tens of thousands of dollars.

“I would say this: On the spot fines are $1,652. That is not an insignificant matter,” said Mr Andrews.

“If those matters go to court it jumps to around $10,000. That is a very significant impost for anybody.

“We think that those penalties are appropriate at this stage.”

This “stay locked in your own home because we said so” thing is going to be part of this new normal across the entire Western world.

All forms of freedom are now totally gone, forever.

We should have fought back against this but we didn’t and now it’s too late.

I know you all thought I was crazy when I was saying in March that this virus was going to become the basis for an entire new order in society. So it makes sense you didn’t speak up against it. I do understand that I did sound crazy. Not because I was saying it in a crazy way, but because this is all crazy.

But it is a shame that it had to be like this.

It would have been so nice if it could have happened differently.