Australia: The Only Threat Bigger Than Coronavirus is Free Speech on the Internet

Pictured: A white male “vagina chooser” engages with a radical online community in Australia, leading to grave dangers.

You thought coronavirus was scary?

Wait until you hear this: there are people on the internet who are disagreeing with the media and the government.

Are you literally shaking yet?

Well, it gets worse: these people who disagree with the government and the media in internet posts are the most dangerous group of people on earth: white heterosexual males.

The only way you’re going to be protected from these people posting on the internet is if the government gets vastly expanded powers to arrest people for their thoughts.

SMS News:

The Australian Federal Police is seeing a rise in young people being aggressively radicalised online amid an increasing threat from right-wing extremism.

Appearing before a Senate estimates committee on Tuesday, AFP Deputy Commissioner Ian McCartney said right-wing extremism continues to present a “real” and “ongoing” threat that can target young people.

“We’re dealing with people who are either radicalised in the real world or radicalised online,” he said.

“We’re finding now that in terms of right-wing extremism, that the concern for us is young persons being radicalised online – very aggressively in relation to right-wing extremism,” he said.

Australia’s security agencies have for some time warned of the increasing danger posed by right-wing extremists becoming more organised and active in Australia, through its surveillance activities.

In his evidence, Deputy Commissioner McCartney said the AFP also continues to see more investigations of right-wing groups taking place.

But he did not reveal exact numbers, arguing it could jeopardise active matters.

“We have seen an increase, we see it as a real and ongoing threat … so for us it is an increasing workload,” he said.

Mr McCartney said Islamic-inspired terrorism continued to be the biggest threat, with Sydney and Melbourne the centres of that activity.

But he said the threat remains across the country, due to the tendency for right-wing extremism to spread online.

What we see with right-wing extremism, particularly with the effect and the power of the internet in terms of those sites, it’s apparent that it is more spread throughout Australia,” he said.

The domestic spy agency ASIO has reported far-right violent extremism now accounts for up to 40 per cent of its counter-terrorism workload, up from 10 to 15 per cent before 2016.

ASIO director general Mike Burgess later told the Senate estimates committee his agency has diverted additional resources towards dealing with the evolving threat, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Many of these groups and individuals have seized upon COVID-19, believing it reinforces the narrative and conspiracies at the core of the ideologies,” he said.

“They see the pandemic as proof of the failure of globalisation, multiculturalism and democracy and confirmation that societal collapse and a race-war are inevitable.”

Imagine someone going on the internet and saying, “globalism and multiculturalism don’t seem to be working really very well, and racial tensions seem to be rising.”

After all of the progress we’ve made this year in terms of bringing people together through the Black Lives Matter movement. We’ve taught so many whites that actually, no, their lives don’t really matter, and the only reason they are alive in the first place is because you enslaved the blacks.

Mostly peaceful protests have done so much to really bring racial harmony in the Western world, and the great response to the coronavirus has shown that if nations work together, there is no challenge they can’t beat.

And these whites want to go out there and say something different than what the media says about the issues?

It’s virtually impossible to believe it is actually happening.

But, let me just play devil’s advocate for a moment: someone might say, “what’s the big deal? All they’re doing is talking to each other on the internet.”

Well, talking leads to acting.

Do you know what happened the last time heterosexual white men were allowed to freely exchange ideas?

Nothing much, you know – just a little thing I like to call THE HOLOCAUST.

We need to wake up and we need to wake up quickly. We have to stop whites from being able to communicate with each other.

We have to disrupt their communication networks, we have to stand up and say: “No more. We’re not going to let you whites talk to each other about things that are different from what the media says. We know where this goes, and we won’t allow it.”

If a white man feels for some reason he needs to talk, there is no reason he can’t go talk to an overweight woman or a Somalian about the latest Marvel films. He has no right to talk to other white men, and certainly has no right to talk about things that aren’t on the media.

We live in a democracy, and that means that we have the freedom to prevent heterosexual white men from communicating with each other.

Let’s shut this down.