Australia: Teenagers Can Now Mutilate Their Bodies Easier

Daily Stormer
December 8, 2017

This is why we need a real Holocaust

The last bastion of hatred in Australia has fallen. A law saying that mentally ill kids who want to take destructive drugs that cause irreparable harm to their bodies must first go through a minor formality has finally been removed, because it was pure hatred. And you can’t have pure hatred, because hatred is a bad thing, and bad things are not good.

Jews everywhere are celebrating another victory over the vile, hateful goyim.


It’s a big win for transgender teens today in Australia.

Australia was the last place in the world transgender children needed court authorisation to receive Stage 2 hormone treatment, even if they or their parents consented to the procedure.

How nice of those “parents” to approve of their kids having a miserable life. Why is it illegal, then, to do far less painful things to them, like setting them on fire? Why can’t that happen, so long as the so-called parents approve? What kind of a vile, pyrophobic society is this?

That’s now no longer the case thanks to a landmark decision in the country’s Family Court on Thursday, ending the need for the unnecessary and stressful legal process.

Since 2013, it’s been a requirement that courts need to approve Stage 2 treatment.

Stage 2 hormone treatment involves the administration of oestrogen or testosterone, allowing an adolescent to develop the pubertal characteristics of the gender they associate with. It follows Stage 1 hormone treatment, which delays puberty.

It’s so natural to pump yourself with artificial hormones from (((big pharma))). How could anybody think this isn’t normal?

The decision responds to a case, Re Kelvin, which involves a 16-year old boy only known as “Kelvin,” who was assigned female at birth.

“Kelvin” has been formally diagnosed with gender dysphoria, and despite both his parents consented to him receiving Stage 2 hormone treatment, he still needed court approval.

Of course, the court process takes an extraordinary toll on transgender teens.As the court notes, if Kelvin were not to receive treatment “his overall health and wellbeing is almost certain to deteriorate especially as his mental and physical health is heavily dependent on the perception of himself as male.”

Read that last paragraph again.

And again.

This girl’s health and wellbeing is dependent on her mutilating her body and pretending she’s a boy.

This is a judge saying it.

As in – someone who’s supposed to have a minimally functional brain, and who can decide if other people go to prison or not, actually said that.

And no one did a thing about it.

“Transgender adolescents will now be able to access the treatment that is best for them, making decisions in collaboration with their parents and their doctors without the delay and the distress that the Court system imposes on them and their families,”Michelle Telfer, associate professor at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, said in a statement.

Hey look, a woman with a degree  supporting something retarded that destroys people’s lives – I’m totally shocked.

“For these young people, the impact of this change is enormous. They will now have timely access to the treatment which provides a positive difference to their physical and mental health, and their social, emotional and educational outcomes.”

“O wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world
That has such people in’t!”