Australia: Sydney Enters Full Lockdown to Stop Delta Virus

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New York Times:

With an outbreak of the Delta variant spreading rapidly, Australian officials on Saturday introduced a strict two-week lockdown for all of greater Sydney and the regions surrounding the nation’s largest city.

The first full-city lockdown for Sydney since early 2020 reflects a sudden rise in concern among officials in the state of New South Wales, who had been hoping that contact tracers and targeted isolation would be enough to keep the more contagious variant under control.

Instead, after initially resisting a full lockdown, officials said on Saturday that strict citywide stay-at-home orders were necessary because they had found several additional chains of transmission around the city among people who had been infectious for days.

Gladys Berejiklian, the state premier, said the virus was simply moving too quickly through the population. Over the past 10 days, a cluster that began with an airport limousine driver in Sydney, a city of five million, has jumped to nearly 100 cases, with dozens more expected over the coming days.

“We don’t want to impose burdens unless we absolutely have to,” Ms. Berejiklian told a news conference on Saturday. “Unfortunately, we have to.”

She said that a shorter lockdown would not be enough to regain control over transmission, describing the Delta variant as spreading far faster than other strains of the coronavirus.

“Unless you stay a step ahead of this virus, it can very easily get out of control,” she said.

Starting at 6 p.m. on Saturday, people across the Sydney metropolitan area will be allowed to leave their homes only to exercise, seek medical attention, care for loved ones, buy food or carry out other essential activities. The lockdown is scheduled to end on July 9, but could be extended.

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They can now just flip a switch and lock the whole country down, citing whatever.

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Maybe at some point, they will start calling them “climate lockdowns” instead of “virus lockdowns.” That will be the only difference.

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Australia is the place they’ve started all of this stuff, so you can expect it in Europe and probably even America soon enough.

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