Australia Protests the New World Order Coronavirus Hoax and Vaccine Conspiracy!

Hey – you Aussie readers need to follow the same advice as I give the Americans and get out to these protests…!

The Guardian:

Hundreds of anti-vaccination protesters have defied social distancing measures at rallies in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Protesters claiming the Covid-19 pandemic was a “scam” gathered at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne on Saturday, and carried signs declaring they were against vaccines and 5G technology.

Their placards claimed “5G = communism”, “Covid 1984” and “our ignorance is their strength”.

They booed police – clad in gloves and face masks – who warned the crowd that they were breaching social distancing rules designed to slow the spread of coronavirus.

In a statement, police said those found in breach of Covid-19 directions faced fines of $1,652 each.

In Sydney, up to 500 protesters voiced conspiracy theories regarding not only vaccination but also 5G telecommunication networks, fluoride and large pharmaceutical corporations.

Yeah well, the 5G stuff…. okay, I mean, what do you expect? Everything else is a hoax, so why wouldn’t that be?

And it will get pink-haired skanks on our side, which we so desperately need, as in this photo:

And actually, 5G is a hoax. I don’t think it is causing people to get sick, that is actually a little bit ridiculous. But it is being set up as the backbone of a global realtime spy grid. Which is its actual purpose.

Dear Aussies: Get out there, lads.

Stand with the people…!

Australia and America – arm in arm, standing against the New World Order….!

We are brother nations and greatest allies and we’re probably the only people who are going to stand up to this BEAST 666.

Well, actually, the Germans are doing an alright job standing up.

You know who’s not?

The British.