Australia: Protests Continue in Melbourne as Thousands of Aussies Join Construction Workers on Streets

On Monday, construction workers in Melbourne protested the fact that they were being forced to either receive the deadly vax or lose their jobs.

The Victorian government responded by forcibly shutting down all construction sites in the metropolitan and local government areas.

The workers were not pleased about this, and hit the streets for a second day to protest. Joining them were thousands of other locals, who are sick of living in a city that is increasingly looking like something from Half-Life 2.

The Guardian:

Protests in Melbourne over two days that again turned violent on Tuesday afternoon began with construction workers rejecting vaccine mandates, but were then boosted by anti-lockdown and anti-vaccination groups on social media, experts have said.

A small group of protesters gathered outside the Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) headquarters on Monday to protest against vaccine mandates, and it is understood that numbers rose after anti-lockdown Telegram groups put the call out.

This is quite a massive thing for the Western media to refuse to report on.

Shockingly, the Jew media has been trying to portray the non-worker protestors as – wait for it – far-right infiltrators.

Politicians and union leaders, including CFMEU branch secretary John Setka and the former Labor leader Bill Shorten, blamed far-right groups for driving the protest and the violence that ensued. Shorten labelled the protesters “man-baby Nazis”.

But when the protesters returned on Tuesday, less than 24 hours after the Victorian premier, Daniel Andrews, shut down the sector for two weeks, it was unclear who had organised the protest, and who was joining it.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions secretary, Sally McManus, said the protest had been “called for, led, and promoted” by anti-vaccination and far-right groups.

Elise Thomas, an analyst and researcher for the Institute for Strategic Dialogue who specialises in misinformation, said anti-lockdown groups were clearly taking a lead on Tuesday.

The workers have vowed to continue protesting every day until their ‘no vaccine mandate’ demand is met.

Let’s hope the momentum continues.