Australia: PM Calls Unvaxxed a “Public Health Risk,” Demands Private Companies Punish Them with QR Codes

It’s the right of anyone to refuse access to the unvaccinated, because they are anti-social.

Sure, we now know the vaxx doesn’t really do anything, or is at best a mild prophylactic, but that isn’t the point. The point is that the unvaxxed don’t care about our society and our values, and that’s not who we are.

The Guardian:

The Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, has thrown his support behind the use of vaccine passports, saying the concept is sensible and has “nothing to do with ideology”.

Despite internal resistance within the Coalition over the use of Covid vaccination certificates for things such as travel and major events, Morrison said any business had a “legitimate” right to refuse entry to someone who had refused to get vaccinated.

The government has backed the use of a QR code-style vaccination pass that would verify a person’s vaccination status using information from the Australian Immunisation Register. The type of pass is often referred to as a vaccine passport.

A business under property law has the ability to say ‘no, you can’t come in’, and they can ask for that [proof of vaccination], that’s a legitimate thing for them to do, and they’re doing that to protect their own workers, to protect their other clients,” Morrison told 2GB radio on Wednesday.

It’s got nothing to do with ideology, and these issues around liberty and so on. We all believe in freedom, but we also believe in people being healthy.

“The sheer fact of it is, if you’re not vaccinated, you represent a greater public health risk to yourself, to your family, to your community and others about you, so it’s only sensible that people will do sensible things to protect their public health.”

See how they’re now openly calling unvaccinated people a public health threat?

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They say unvaccinated people are a threat to others because new variants could emerge from them, but they also say that the vaccinated can get infected.

If the vaccinated can get infected, they can create new variants just like the unvaccinated. They’ve been saying that the vaccines are safe and effective. If the vaccines work, then the vaccinated should have nothing to fear from the unvaccinated.

All of this is schizophrenic and retarded.