Australia Passes Lunatic Law Making Vape Prescription Only

Holy shit this is insane.

The Guardian:

E-cigarettes will become available by mid-next year, but only with a doctor’s prescription, as determined by Australia’s drug regulator on Wednesday.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) announced its interim decision to reclassify nicotine as a prescription-only medication, meaning nicotine for use in e-cigarettes, and e-juice containing nicotine, would become prescription-only from June 2021.

The changes would also effect heat-not-burn tobacco products, chewing tobacco, snuff and other novel nicotine products. The decision is open for consultation until 6 November.

An advisory committee to the TGA recommended retaining the current exemptions for tobacco, and certain smoking-cessation products such as patches and gums, which are available over-the-counter.

Existing state and territory laws make the sale of nicotine e-cigarettes and e-juice illegal throughout Australia and its possession illegal everywhere but in South Australia.

In a statement, the TGA said the proposed changes meant that “while you would still be able to use the ‘personal importation scheme’ under the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 to order online from your usual supplier … it would be clear that you would be required to have a prescription”.

“You would also be able to fill your prescription at your local community pharmacy, however your pharmacy may have to order it in for you,” the statement said.

E-cigarettes are not proven as a first-line treatment for smoking cessation. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there is some evidence that young people may be attracted to the products, and may go on to use tobacco products.

Chief executive of the Australian Council on Smoking and Health, Maurice Swanson, said he wanted to look closely at the proposal before responding in detail.

“In the mean time, the Therapeutic Goods Administration should be commended for maintaining its position that e-cigarettes are only available on a doctor’s prescription, and should continue to ignore noisy lobbying from organisations with commercial conflicts of interest,” he said.

A lobbying group has a conflict of interest, huh?

Isn’t that the point of lobbying?

What about the Australia-Israel and Jewish Affairs Council, the Australian version of AIPAC? Australia invaded Iraq, you know.

You people think I’m joking when I mock the West for talking about “freedom,” saying the only freedom they are talking about is the freedom to have gay sex and the freedom for women to be absolute whores.

But I’m not joking.

Think about it for a second.

Here’s a brief list of freedoms you do not have in 2020:

  • Speech
  • Assembly
  • Religion
  • Movement
  • The gym
  • To walk around without a mask
  • To run your own business

These freedoms were all going before the virus, now they’ve just completely taken everything. If you think they’re going to give you these freedoms back, you’re either stupid or you’re in denial.

You gave up these freedoms willingly. Why on earth would they give them back to you? They’ve already said that the vaccine won’t stop the spread of the virus. We know that the lockdown wasn’t necessary and didn’t do anything, because Sweden didn’t do a lockdown, and had literally no problems at all.

So, the purpose of the lockdown cannot in any universe have had anything to do with public health. If it had in the first place related to public health, they would have removed it and apologized when it turned out it wasn’t doing anything.

The purpose of the lockdown was thus:

  1. Destroy the middle class by imploding the economy and transferring all wealth to the billionaire elite, and
  2. To remove everyone’s freedom

Why would they give you back your freedom once it’s gone?

Seriously, think about it.

They are also continually taking freedoms in sections that don’t have anything to do with the virus. They took our freedom of speech by allowing tech companies to first form monopolies and then, after the monopolies were entrenched and no one could do anything about it, to start unilaterally deciding what people are allowed to say.

They further took our freedom of assembly by allowing Antifa to attack right-wing political gatherings, and then pressing charges if people defended themselves after being attacked.

In Australia now, you can’t even vape.

Imagine it.

Now, compare your situation to that of the Chinese: they are allowed to do every single thing you’re not allowed to do, save for criticize the government.

They keep telling us that China is anti-Christian, but in every single city in China, you can, right now, on 23 September the Year of Our Lord Two-Thousand and Twenty, walk into a Christian church and say your prayers and commune with your brethren – something which you cannot do in virtually any city in the Western world.

And yet, they are telling us we need to fight a war with China to bring them freedom – and they define “freedom” as the right of Antifa to riot and set Christmas trees on fire at the mall.

Does it make sense that people should be allowed to go in a mall and start fires? You can already have anal sex legally in Hong Kong.

They are literally telling you the diametric opposite of the truth, the opposite of what you are seeing right in front of your face, and you are sitting there saying, “hmmm, okay, sure.”

Belarus, the other country they’re trying to invade, never locked down. Just like China. And Fat Pompeo is up there saying we need to use NATO to give them freedom.

Explain it to me because I don’t get how people can go along with this.


For those of you still living in the free world, I want to give a vape recommendation.

Smok Nfix.

It’s a pod vape, but as you can see, the heating mechanism doesn’t touch plastic, as it does in most pod vapes. It’s attached to a metal base. Obviously, the pod is still plastic, so it’s not 100% pure, but it’s better than 95% of pods, most of which heat the plastic. Juul is terrible with heating the plastic. This basically works like a Juul (I’ve never had a Juul, but I’ve looked at them and had a friend who used one before I talked him out of it), but you can also refill the pod. You can use it about 4-5 days, with maybe one refill every day.

You can use 50mg nicotine so you’re not inhaling the same amount of vapor to get a good nicotine hit, which is probably generally better.