Australia: NSW Politician Tells Unvaccinated Residents of Sydney to Prepare for a “Very Difficult” Life

These Australian leaders GDAF.

They’re straight up telling people that if they don’t submit, life won’t be worth living.


Unvaccinated residents of Sydney, Australia, will face social isolation and a difficult life should they continue to resist vaccination, says New South Wales state Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

According to Reuters, Berejiklian told reporters on Tuesday that the unvaccinated will face a great deal of difficulty when stay-at-home orders cease this coming December, from social activities to simple employment.

“A lot of businesses have said they will not accept anyone who is unvaccinated,” Berejiklian told Seven News on Tuesday. “Life for the unvaccinated will be very difficult indefinitely.”

Gladys Berejiklian: An Armenian hag who is telling Australians what they can and cannot do in their own country for some reason

Syndey has promised to ease lockdown measures on vaccinated residents between October 11 and December 1.

“Pubs, cafes, gyms and hairdressers will reopen to fully vaccinated people on Oct. 11 in New South Wales, home to Sydney, and more curbs will be eased once 80 percent of its adult population becomes fully vaccinated, expected by the end of October,” noted Reuters.

As of Tuesday, coronavirus cases topped 100,000 while the current vaccination rate in Australia remains at 52 percent. Australian leaders have said vaccination rates will have to top 80 percent in order for the country to fully reopen. Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt urged people to get vaccinated to save their lives.

The strongest possible reason to be vaccinated is to save your life,” Hunt said.

Imagine still going with the “it’s about your health” narrative when the police are literally beating people up on the streets.

That takes some serious gall.

Let’s hope these Bruces and Sheilas continue to resist.

They’re still out there protesting in Sydney and Melbourne, though the numbers are decreasing.

Obviously, they’re all eventually just going to be sent to concentration camps – but hey, it might not be so bad.

It couldn’t be worse than being surrounded by millions of NPCs who do a soyface every time they get an alert telling them that it’s time for their bi-weekly booster shot.