Australia: National Rugby Players Sing Abo National Anthem

This is so gross.


National rugby players sang an Indigenous version of Australia’s national anthem for the first time on Saturday, a move that won widespread praise and spurred calls to make it a permanent feature at Australian sporting events.

Performing arts student Olivia Fox sang a powerful rendition of the national anthem, first in the language of the Eora Nation — a group of Indigenous clans from the Sydney metropolitan area — and then in English, before Australia’s’ Tri-Nations test against Argentina at Western Sydney Stadium.

Fox, a Wiradjuri woman, was supported by the 23 Wallabies players, who were wearing their First Nations jerseys with an Indigenous design for only the second time this year, and could be seen belting out the words behind her.

“We were practicing it during the week and we were very proud to have that opportunity to do it, and I think it sounded pretty good too,” said Australia captain Michael Hooper, according to Reuters.

“Wearing an indigenous jersey and singing that was great to be a part of.”

It was the first time Australia’s national anthem — Advance Australia Fair — had been sung in an Indigenous language at a major sporting event and prompted an outpouring of pride and praise.

The core doctrine of Marxism is enforced equality.

The problem is, nature is not equal. Some people are smarter than others, some people are taller, some people are better looking.

So in order to make everyone equal, you would have to deal with this inequality in nature somehow.

There are two options:

  1. Make people who are inferior as good as those who are superior, or
  2. Bring down those who are superior to the level of the inferior

The first one is impossible.

However, by attacking the superior, and punishing them for being superior, you can make everyone inferior.

We see this everywhere.

Celebrating the “culture” of indigenous people is a part of this. Obviously, as everyone is able to see, they don’t have much of a culture.

Australian aboriginals are clearly the most primitive of any of these brown groups. But we are told that their culture is just as good as white culture.

This is meaningful performance art, on par with Shakespeare or a Russian ballet:

This is beautiful art, on par with Rembrandt:

This is brilliant music, on par with Pink Floyd:

This is beautiful architecture, on par with the cathedrals of Europe:

These women are beautiful:

Frankly, I don’t have any desire to attack or degrade aboriginal people. They are what they are. They are not impressive, but they have a right to be themselves, and do whatever they want to do, as long as it doesn’t impose on other people.

But when they come out there and start saying “they’re just as good as whites and whites need to acknowledge them as equals and start replacing their own culture with aboriginal culture,” then it’s time to take a somber look at this.

So, take a somber look at this:

Does that creature appear to even be a member of the same species as a European?

Again, I hate to say it. I’ve got no desire to be mean. That said, I don’t think any aboriginals can read, let alone use the internet, so I don’t think they’re going to see this. But still. It’s distasteful to have to point out that these people are obviously some form of primitive ape masquerading as human.

But they’re making me point it out, when they go out there and try to drag us down to the level of these creatures by claiming that we are equal to them.

Ultimately, if you cared about the lives and cultures of indigenous peoples, you would support white supremacy, as white supremacy is the only thing capable of maintaining a planet that allows these groups to exist in peace. If we allow these groups to take over our civilization, they will not be capable of running it – they will destroy it, and they will destroy themselves and us along with it.

White supremacy is a plan of action for peace and prosperity the world over.