Australia: Mayor Apologizes for Public School Seminar Labeling White Male Christian 11-Year-Olds as “Oppressors”

“White privilege” is specifically an attack on white men, a hateful charge generally supported by white women.

The anti-white system is always taking two steps forward. If it has to take one step back, apologizing for openly calling Christian school children “oppressors,” it doesn’t mean much.

If anything, even while apologizing for saying the thing, the thing is also being normalized.


A presentation by a council worker at a public school near Melbourne left students flabbergasted and parents incensed, after white boys who held Christian beliefs were reportedly told they were “oppressors” by default.

The incident allegedly took place at Parkdale Secondary College in a beachside suburb of Melbourne, Australia, last week, but was first reported by the Sunday Herald on Sunday.

The paper reported that the Kingston Youth Services worker was giving a presentation about “privilege, pronouns and “intersectionality”’ to year-11 students last Wednesday. As part of the presentation, the unnamed female worker told teens who considered themselves to be “male,” “white” and “Christian” to stand up and then chastised them for being the well-off class, reportedly labeling them as “oppressors.”

It would have been a white woman, of course.

They are the frontline soldiers of this anti-white race war.

The students were apparently taken aback by the identity-based diatribe, telling the Herald that they felt “ashamed” and “shocked” by the spectacle. One said that the students were reluctant to confront the narrative out of fear they would be labeled “homophobic” by the worker, who was also reportedly advocating LGBTQI+ rights.

Parents of the children also failed to appreciate the teaching method and the agenda to which it was attached, with one parent telling the paper that he believes the school “is not the place to indoctrinate kids with divisive ideas” that prioritize a skin color over character.

Following the outrage, the school principal condemned the incident, expressing his “disappointment” with the way the lesson was conducted. However, he signaled that the school was familiar with the content of the presentation, noting that the administration “discussed” with the speaker its content and the delivery, but claimed the school was left in the dark about the name-and-shame interaction.

It doesn’t matter if you want character to be prized over skin color. They’ve already decided that this is all about “skin color.” So white people have to fight the battle along those lines.

As long as whites keep saying “it shouldn’t be about race though,” we are going to keep losing. Whites have to accept that it is about race, and defend themselves on the basis of their race.