Australia: Hundreds of Construction Workers in Melbourne Protest Against Forced Vaccinations

Union leaders told the workers that they have to either take the deadly vax or lose their job.

This did not go down well with them.

The Australian:

Riot police have pelted rubber bullets at protesters during a bloody, chaotic brawl that saw hundreds of people storm the CFMEU headquarters protesting mandatory vaccinations for construction workers.

Several people were arrested during the violent demonstration where union officials were forced inside the building while angry protesters smashed up and graffitied property.

Bottles, cans and pallets were launched at shop stewards during the chaos.

Union boss John Setka tried to calm down the crowd but retreated inside when things turned violent.

More than 100 people dressed in hi-vis gathered outside the Melbourne building on Monday, rallying against the state government requirement that all construction workers receive at least one Covid-19 jab by September 23.

It’s believed the violent protest was infiltrated by right-wing extremists and anti-vaccination activists, with police now working to identify and fine those involved.

Staff locked themselves inside the building after a scuffle broke out and the situation escalated.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews slammed the violent demonstration, saying the rally “will not work”.

It comes just three days after tradies took to the streets to protest mandatory vaccines and bans on tea rooms.

The angry workers yelled obscenities at union officials before some began wrestling and throwing projectiles.

Some workers screamed at Mr Sekta, calling him a “snake” and other slurs before he headed inside.

Others yelled about mandatory vaccine requirements while alluding to the Covid-19 pandemic being a “conspiracy”.

The protestors yelled out “f**k the jab” as police watched on and controlled traffic.

Footage taken from the protest showed a dog being kicked during a fight between several men.

Tradies will need to have had their first dose of the vaccine by Thursday to be allowed to continue working.

Hopefully, this is the beginning of a trend.