Australia: Government to Fine People $110,000 for Being Mean on the Internet

Australia is going off the rails.

They’re going to hack everyone’s computer, then they’re going to fine them the cost of a house for making fun of people.

7 News:

Cyber bullies and online trolls could be slapped with huge fines of up to $110,000 under world-first laws to be introduced by the Federal Government.

The Online Safety Bill will make it illegal to post “seriously harmful content” on websites and social media, such as death threats, revenge porn and comments that intentionally “menace, harass or offend’.’

The proposed laws will also give the government powers to force social media companies to erase harmful content and to hand over the personal details of offenders hiding behind pseudonyms and fake profiles.

“We’re taking action to keep Australians safe online,” Federal Minister for Communications and Cyber Safety, Paul Fletcher told Sunrise.

“It’s not good enough that we can have vicious online trolls engaging in terrible attacks against people, which as we know in some situations have been so bad that they have led to suicide.”

Perpetrators of cyber bullying and trolling will be forced to apologise to their victims.

Remember: Australia is a testing ground for stuff they will eventually bring to the rest of the West.

Under Joe Biden, there is a very real chance that laws like this would be passed.