Australia Extends Total Lockdown to at Least the End of September [UPDATE: Protest]


There were protests today against the lockdown.

Giving the Aussies credit here.

Of course, the cops just came out and beat the shit out of everyone, so it’s pretty obvious that we’re way beyond the point where the people running our governments are going to respond to peaceful demonstrations.

We’re presumably way beyond “noncompliance” as well. Too many people are willing to comply for that to work, and it’s too late. They will just send you to a camp.

The best thing to do is just make sure that the Eye of Sauron doesn’t see you.

There will be solutions.

But that comes later.

Original article follows.

No one is dying in Australia, but 15 million people have been locked inside of their houses for months.

They don’t even claim anyone is dying. They started the lockdown because they said a man in his 80s died.

The lockdowns no longer need to be justified. People are trained like dogs at this point, and they simply obey commands.


Sydney’s two-month long lockdown will be extended until at least the end of September and masks will need to be worn outside as the Covid-19 delta variant outbreak in Australia’s most populous city worsens.

New South Wales recorded 642 new cases on Friday, Premier Gladys Berejiklian told reporters. From Monday, outdoor mask-wearing will be mandatory — except when exercising — in all regions throughout the state, she said. A curfew will be placed on areas of western Sydney hardest hit by the outbreak.

Another four people had died from the virus, the state government said.

“‘We’re asking everybody to go through a bit of pain in order to protect lives until we get those vaccination rates up,” Berejiklian told reporters in Sydney on Friday. “There is no simple answer to delta — short, sharp lockdowns don’t always work.”

See, they don’t even report deaths – they just say the infection count, which is utterly meaningless, because the PCR test is just a total hoax.

Of course, they could be reporting deaths. We’ve seen well that they can call any death they want a “covid death.”

They seem to be demonstrating proof of concept that they can lock people down without even threatening them with death.

It’s like when you train a dog – you give him a treat when he follows the command, in order to teach him the command, then when he learns to follow the command, you stop giving him the treat. He still has the memory of the treat, or the instinct to believe there will be a treat, so he follows the command.

As a part of long-term dog ownership, you’re supposed to run through the training routines regularly after he’s learned everything, and give him treats. That ensures he doesn’t lose his memory of the training. It’s reinforcement.

So, with this hoax in Australia, they’ll come out every week or so and say someone’s grandma died. But the core point of what is going on in Australia right now is to teach people that these lockdowns aren’t really about deaths – they are about being a good little trained animal that will obey commands on cue.

Australia is also engaging in other serious and new forms of madness.

Most disturbingly, probably, is that they’re building concentration camps.

The basic explanation currently is that they are for people flying back into the country from abroad to stay in for two weeks. But there are only 26 million Australian citizens, and they are building these huge camps, and keep announcing expansion. It’s obvious that they’re planning on rounding people up from their homes and putting them in these camps.

They’re already saying they can pull you out of your house if you test positive.

With the fake tests, anyone can “test positive.”

So basically, they’re building concentration camps that they can put anyone into, at any time, for any reason.

And before you say – “oh sure, but that’s Australia” – as we’ve seen from the start with this virus hoax, anything that is done in any country is done in all countries. America did lockdowns, then Europe and the rest of the world did lockdowns. Israel did a third shot, now the rest of the world is doing a third shot.

That is because these orders are not coming from local government councils, they’re coming from semi-visible international, globalist, population-management groups surrounding the United Nations (the World Economic Forum is a spin-off of the UN, Klaus Schwab himself is a UN man).

Frankly, at this point, it is impossible for me to even imagine what it is like inside of the head of someone who thinks what is happening in the world right now is simply a result of national governments “consulting the science.” It has to be even more stressful than knowing the plan, really.

There is zero chance that the current Australia situation is not coming to America, Britain, and the rest of the West – and it’s going to start coming down this fall, when people are getting normal respiratory infections that they can claim are “covid nineteen delta variant.”

I don’t want to insult Americans or Brits – or for that matter, pump the egos of Aussies – but the basic reality that we all know is that Australian men have always been a little bit more masculine and alpha than the rest of the Anglosphere. They’re also more likely to fly off the handle and go nuts.

So what globalists have done is demonstrate proof of concept for this lockdown in the most masculine (civilized) country. If they can break Australian men, then it is easy to do so to America and the UK.

This is happening now.