Australia Embraces Google Vaxx Pass

Australia continues to suffer under the most brutal lockdown on planet earth, as the globalist shills attempt to fully squelch Australian civilization out of existence.

We all knew it was only a matter of time before the mobile virus doom tents arrived.

They are doing everything in their power to give the impression that we are in the middle of an invisible crisis by presenting visible symbols of the invisible.

That’s always been the game, starting with the masks.

But doom tents were always on the cards.

This story is from nearly two weeks ago, and never made international news beyond Daily Mail.

Daily Mail:

  • Contact tracers still scrambling to find the source of hundreds of unlinked cases
  • NSW reported 239 local Covid-19 on Thursday including 126 mystery infections
  • Of the new cases, 104 found in south-west Sydney and another 58 in city’s west
  • Overall since the start of latest outbreak in June, 800 cases have yet to be linked
  • Footage in Parklea in the city’s north-west showed rows of tents along the street
  • Suburb put on alert after Unisson Disability care home residents tested positive

Of course, the solution is much bigger than the crisis.


Google last week announced extending its COVID Card feature to Australia, allowing Android users to access vaccination information on their device.

Google said it worked with Services Australia to give “a convenient and secure way to view, save, and show your vaccination status and information, straight from your smartphone”.

The information will show in the vaccination passport once a second dose has been administered.

I remember when they were pretending they were not going to call it a “vaccine passport” anymore, because the name was too tainted by nightmare imagery from Orwell.

Apparently, they’ve decided that this nightmare imagery cannot be overcome, and therefore must be embraced.

There’s also this video I just found about an expansion of the “Covid camps.”

The camps were as predictable as the tents.

Australia’s top czar for the globalist agenda is feeling the heat as the people push back against the hoax, and he rides them down on horses, puts tents in their neighborhoods, and locks them into a high-tech control grid.


Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s public approval rating hit its lowest level since the pandemic began amid growing frustration over lockdowns and a sluggish vaccination drive, a widely watched poll published on Monday showed.

A Newspoll conducted for The Australian newspaper showed Morrison’s public support dropped four points to 47%, the lowest level since he fielded criticism early last year over his government’s response to devastating bushfires.

But what can they do?

Democracy doesn’t have a complaints department.

That’s our values.

A complaints department is not who we are.

Just feed the people some gibberish to shut them up.