Australia: Disgusting Fat Pig-Woman Pushing for Queensland Lockdown

You can laugh at Australia. But the fact is, local officials are not making these decisions – the decisions are made by globalist entities.

Australia is being used as a testing ground for a system of “zero tolerance” that the overlords plan to roll out in the rest of the West.


A cluster of five new infections in Brisbane may require a lockdown in Queensland, the Australian state’s leader said. The enforcement of lockdowns in other parts of the country has already caused a lot of debate.

There were eight cases of Covid-19 detected in Queensland on Saturday, including five local transmissions, provincial health authorities have reported. The latter are all members of the same family in Queensland capital Brisbane, which was “really good news,” according to Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.

“In the next 24 to 48 hours we’ll be closely monitoring the situation and if we start seeing any seeding, then we may have to take very quick, fast action,” she said.

Palaszczuk called on Queenslanders to “step up” by strictly following health guidelines and getting tested if they have even mild Covid-19 symptoms. The five cases in Brisbane were caught after a mother decided to test her 13-year-old daughter, who complained about a headache, Chief Health Officer Doctor Jeannette Young said.

Australia has taken a containment approach to manage the pandemic, working to quash community transmissions with harsh local lockdowns. Such measures are currently in place in New South Wales (NSW) and the cities of Melbourne and Canberra.

It is obvious that the goal in Australia is to teach the population to be slaves.

They are not fighting a virus. Even if you believe in a virus, you can see that the Australians are not fighting a virus. They’re hardly even pretending that this is about a virus at this point. They’re just saying: “do what we told you to do, because we said.”