Australia Cries Out for Human Rights in China as It Arrests Pregnant Women for Facebook Posts

This sign is in Australia. Not China.

Just when you thought the story of the pregnant woman being arrested for posting on Facebook about the coronavirus hoax couldn’t get any more ridiculous…

The Guardian:

Covid-19 has fuelled protectionist and authoritarian trends around the world as some countries take advantage of the pandemic to erode the rule of law, Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade warns.

As officials prepare to face a parliamentary hearing on Wednesday, Dfat has also acknowledged “clear differences” exist in the relationship with China, while insisting Australia seeks a constructive partnership “that is not defined by those differences”.

Dfat representatives are expected to spell out how Covid-19 has reshaped the global order and increased disruption and uncertainty when they address the joint standing committee on foreign affairs, defence and trade.

The submission says Australia is continuing to raise human rights concerns through a range of forums – a task that is “particularly important given some countries’ increased appetite to use Covid-19 as an opportunity to undermine democratic principles, respect for human rights and the rule of law”.

To that end, Dfat points to statements issued by the foreign minister, Marise Payne, in combination with close international counterparts, raising concerns about China’s decision to impose new national security legislation in Hong Kong. The Chinese government denounced such criticisms as a case of meddling in its internal affairs.

This is another one of these things that is so insane that I just can’t even begin to wrap my head around it.

Australia has banned a huge percent of its population from working, and locked them in their houses with soldiers patrolling the streets to make sure the plebs don’t break quarantine or appear in public without a cuck muzzle.

These rules were passed by decree. No one voted on them.

They are arresting pregnant women for disagreeing with their decrees on the internet.

Australia. Not China.

Then, they are going out and publicly stating that they’re worried that China is abusing “human rights.”

“Human rights” is an ill-defined, ubiquitous and slimy term, clearly designed for the explicit purpose of eroding the national sovereignty of nations that aren’t on-board with the ZOG agenda.

But how far can this be pushed?

People in China are not banned from working. They’re not locked in their houses. They don’t have soldiers on the street.

Victoria, Australia: cops walk the streets with uniformed soldiers to make sure no one leaves their house.
Wuhan, China: people have a fun time at the event

We’re supposed to believe that completely oppressed and subdued Australians have more human rights than the Chinese because why? Because Australia has ads on TV with government officials saying it is good for men to sodomize one another?

For Australia to actually come out and claim that they’re worried that CHINA will abuse human rights under the guise of coronavirus measures – it’s too much.

It’s just too damn much. 

This reality we’ve entered is literally beyond parody. Someone could not have written a dystopian satire story on this level and gotten it published. The publisher would have said, “no sorry, this story is just stupid.”

This isn’t going to work.

I think China should start calling out Western countries for using the virus as an excuse to implement extreme, abusive measures. So far this whole “human rights” gibberish has been a one-way street. But there’s no reason it has to be. China could blow some minds if they started demanding Western counties let their people work.

I guess they want to keep this high ground of “mind your own business and we’ll mind ours,” but the West is never going to ever even acknowledge that argument. Conversely, if China published a bunch of pictures of their own bustling streets next to the boarded up wreckage of Western cities, they would at least get a response.

Of course, the ultimate problem they would run into would be the censorship, and the fact that the Western media isn’t required to report anything they don’t want to report. So maybe it isn’t worth it.