Australia Committed a Cat Genocide and Now has a Plague of Mice

Two years ago, Australia committed a genocide of so-called “feral cats.”

It was a big moral crusade, which I think is sick.

It was actual sadism against the cats.

New York Times, April 23, 2019:

These fatal airdrops owed their existence to Australia’s national government, which decided in 2015 to try to kill two million feral cats by 2020, out of grave concern for the nation’s indigenous wildlife — in particular, groups of small, threatened rodent and marsupial species for which cats have become a deadly predator. The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology estimated that 211,560 cats were killed during the first 12 months after the plan was announced. Dropping lethal sausages from the sky is only part of the country’s efforts to eradicate feral cats, which also include trapping, shooting and devising all manner of poison-delivery vessels.

Now, the mice are coming home to roost.


New South Wales and Queensland are being overwhelmed by a biblical wave of mice, which have taken over homes, stores, farms, hospitals, and automobiles. These nasty little rodents are eating everything in sight, leaving a path of destruction.

Reuters said, “the Australian state of New South Wales is suffering their worst plague of mice in decades after a bumper grain harvest.”

“At night… the ground is just moving with thousands and thousands of mice just running around,” farmer Ron Mckay told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

What a mess.

This is sort of like how China committed a fake genocide of Moslems and then they ended up with a plague of Jewish human rights activists. The difference is, China didn’t actually commit a genocide of Moslems. Instead, Jewish human rights activists falsely accused them of that so they could swarm like mice…. or rats.

This situation really demonstrates how absolutely disconnected from basic realities of nature the liberal ideologues that run our countries are. Trumped-up bullshit such as “destruction of marsupial rodents” can lead to a sadistic genocide of cats with poisonous sausages, then these people are shocked when they get flooded with mice.

Here’s the thing: they could have went out and asked one of the farm people they hate what they thought of a plan to kill all the cats, and any random farm person would say: “well, then what are you going to do about mice?”

Of course, if the liberal government had asked them, and been posed that question, they would have just given the Principal Skinner answer.

These are the same people who are telling you that children should be encouraged to become transsexuals.

They are at war with nature, at the same time that they hide behind claims of preserving the natural order. Nature fixes itself. No, domestic cats are not native to Australia, but they’ve been there for hundreds of years. They struck a balance when the white man came and killed off various other predators. The “endangered species” were not important for any reason. If it was a matter of preserving the genetics of the species, they simply could have put them in a zoo.

But I don’t even actually believe that these species were ever threatened. Again, the white man brought cats on every ship he ever rode to kill the rats and mice that would get into the food stores. So cats have been in Australia since Captain Cook found it in 1770.

One of the top animals they were allegedly trying to save is the quoll.

It’s an opossum-like marsupial endemic to Australia.

For those who don’t know, the word “endemic” means “exclusively specific to.” I recently used this word in the title of an article about the corruption in democracy governments. If a species is endemic to a place, that means it only lives there. For whatever reason, there are many species that are endemic to Australia (and New Guinea). Marsupials are animals that give birth before their babies are fully developed, then carry them in a pouch outside their bodies. Marsupials (including the opossum) are found in America, but in Australia, they have marsupial versions of a lot of animals.

Some of them, like the thylacine, which was a striped dog thing with a pouch, went extinct ostensibly due to the white man’s activities on the continent.

The last one died at the London Zoo in 1931.

It is not clear what killed them. It seems likely it was related to white civilization, given the timing, but if that was the case, it might have had to do with European dogs breeding with dingos, making the dingos faster or smarter or something, and making them more able to compete with thylacines.

But nothing happened because these striped dogs don’t exist anymore.

If the quoll goes, nothing will happen as a result of that.

Nature is constantly repairing itself, and seeking a balance. We are not going to outsmart nature with big dramatic events like a cat genocide, which as the Times article linked above explains, was the brainchild of a very short number of sadists. Who the hell knows what kinds of ecological problems these mice are going to cause, beyond being a nuisance to humans?

Environmentalism is a Scam

While these people are going around talking about “save the spotted pouch rat,” along with claiming that carbon dioxide changes the weather (a totally nonscientific, bizarre claim), these people ignore the real ecological crisis of our time: plastic.

Plastic exists, and can be measured, and its effects are known, and they are devastating.

Furthermore: it isn’t needed.

You can make plastic-like substances out of natural materials, for where it is absolutely necessary. It’s just more expensive. There should be a worldwide movement to fight against plastic. The Paris Climate Accords should have been the Paris Plastic Accords.

But the problem with that is: this would only cost corporations money, whereas the global warming hoax allows governments to put a tax on people and drive them into poverty.

The entirety of environmentalism is some kind of weird scheme.

Slaughtering cats is not real ecology, because intelligent people have been driven away from ecology and so-called “environmental sciences” for decades, as the entirety of the discipline has been taken over by a bizarre cult. This is not altogether dissimilar from the way homosexuals took over the Catholic Church.

It’s the same thing with many other sciences and institutions – weird dogmas are being established everywhere, mostly based on nothing.

Children learn in school, and professors at colleges believe, that Saturn has an ice core.

We’ve never been to Saturn, and we’ve never dug deeper than 8 miles into the earth, but we know that Saturn has an ice core? How? What even is this?

Go look around, and you will find that everywhere – in all of the sciences, there are these huge leaps in logic and reason, and assertion of seemingly baseless theories as fact. Their response, when you ask them about it, is to call you a “conspiracy theorist,” which is to say a heretic.

Evolution, the Big Bang, global warming, “race is a social construct” – these are things that right-wingers have focused on, because they are relevant to the interests of right-wingers. But the actual reality is that if you go into any of these sciences, you find that they are composed of a series of deeply entrenched baseless assertions at their foundation.

We all know this one:

How do they know what happened billions of years ago? Obviously, they do not. These are simply assertions. They are based on various theories that people threw out there, which then stuck, and became entrenched as if they were fact.

There is all kinds of mystery in the universe. I don’t believe in the evangelical Christian notion that the earth is only 12,000 years old – in fact, I believe the Pyramids at Giza could be 500,000 years old.

No one knows. That is the point. If science was open, intelligent people would be attracted to it, but instead, you have a situation where a black man with a 110 IQ can memorize a bunch of shoddily postulated grand assertions and then determine what you are allowed to think without being called a heretic.

People should be thinking and asking questions about things. The fact that we’ve been taught not to do that, and we’ve accepted that we shouldn’t do that, means that our current situation of total enslavement to a radical and insane government was an inevitable outcome.

There should be a hierarchy in society, and there has to be an authority for the people, but that authority must always be capable of explaining itself, and willing to subject itself to scrutiny, or it is illegitimate.

In the Age of Kings, if a mob formed outside of the palace and demanded the king testify to them, the king couldn’t say “you are going to need to cite a mainstream source for your claims before I give testimony.” However, the Founding Fathers believed that Kings were going in that direction, which is why personal freedom was put at the heart of our founding concept.

There is nothing more dangerous than authority which cannot be held accountable, and this current authority we have over us is unaccountable. It is most obviously unaccountable in government, and in the banking and corporate worlds, but it is in fact just as unaccountable in places you wouldn’t even think to check.

We are all locked in a cage, but you only notice the walls when you knock up against them.

Normal people felt bad about killing millions of cats. One of the doctors involved was labeled “Dr. Death.” These people were hated. It turns out, this wasn’t just feel-good nonsense, as the scientists claimed – the masses of normal people were right, and cat genocide was a bad idea.

We might also find that altering our genetics with emergency experimental vaccines was also a bad idea. For most people, it will be too late. Once that vaccine is in, you can’t take it back out again.

Looking back, someone in the Enlightenment or some other “rational” age should have pressed the concept of a “right to an explanation.” Any concept that cannot be boiled down and explained in simple language is almost certainly some kind of complex hoax or vile scheme.

Every authority in society should be required, as a matter of course, to offer explanations of things they do and say that are digestible by a layman of normal intelligence. Many crises would have been prevented if the masses of people had been equipped to demand explanations for things.

Of course, simple summaries of complex things can also be untrue.

But coming from the starting point of “I deserve an explanation for this” would be a million times better than the situation we now have where “you’re just too stupid to understand, or you’re insane” is the explanation for everything.

Unfortunately, these days people are very used to believing everything they hear from authority, and then when they start to realize they’re being lied to, they go off the deep end. The best advice I can give you is to rationally examine any claim presented to you and see if it makes sense. I do my best to try to teach people my own process for going through things, so that they can do it with their own things. When you hit on things you don’t understand, stop and try to work through it in your head. If you can’t work through it in your head, leave it for later and come back to it.

You should also always note your immediate emotional reaction to anything. Theoretically, your emotions should be in-tune with what is right and wrong, and so should be giving you signals. Of course, we are emotionally programmed with triggers from childhood, just the same as we are informationally programmed, so you shouldn’t expect your emotions to always be right. But as you tune your mind, your emotions should begin to line up with what is right and wrong more and more often.

For example: When I was a kid in Ohio, there was an overpopulation of deer, so the government allowed hunters to hunt deer out of season. I did not feel any negative emotions about that at the time, and I still do not. Conversely, dropping poisoned sausages from planes to kill cats immediately stuck me as lunatic sadism.