Australia Changes Its National Anthem to Include Useless, Gas-Huffing Natives

This is on the first page of an image search for “Australian Aboriginal.” I’m just going to ask you frankly: when you look at this picture, do you think “well, that looks like a human being, no different than any other”? Followup: Is this Marxist equality nonsense getting out of control yet?

It just keeps getting dumber.

But if you think it’s dumb now – you just wait until next year.

This weird Marxist bullshit is all about destroying our history – and they’re going to wipe it out, completely, in a really rapid manner.


In what may well be 2020’s last act of woke symbolism, or next year’s first, Australia will change the lyrics of its national anthem on New Year’s Day to recognize the country’s indigenous history and foster a “spirit of unity.”

In a surprise announcement on Thursday night, Prime Minister Scott Morrison revealed that, from January 1, the line “for we are young and free” in Australia’s national anthem will be replaced with “for we are one and free.”

While Australia as a modern nation may be relatively young, our country’s story is ancient, as are the stories of the many First Nations peoples whose stewardship we rightly acknowledge and respect,” Morrison said in a statement.

“In the spirit of unity, it is only right that we ensure our national anthem reflects this truth and shared appreciation,” the PM added.

‘Advance Australia Fair’ replaced ‘God Save the Queen’ as the country’s anthem in 1984. However, the song’s lyrics were written in 1878, and when the anthem was adopted, the line “Australia’s sons let us rejoice” was replaced with “Australians all let us rejoice,” with the government concerned about appearing sexist.

The change caps off a year of worldwide wokeness, in which anthems and patriotic songs came under new scrutiny. In the US, liberal pundits suggested it “might be time to finally replace ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ with a new national anthem,” as the writer of the iconic tune, Francis Scott Key, may have supported slavery. Some suggested replacing the anthem with John Lennon’s socialist paean ‘Imagine’.

Oh, they’re going to replace the national anthem with “Imagine” – and they’re going to do much worse.

Australia is in very many ways a testing ground for a bunch of weird shit. They got the worst of the lockdown nonsense, and they get the first wave of weird woke nonsense.

Frankly, replacing “God Save the Queen” all those years ago was wrong, and people should have protested then.

Do you know that they have to run PSAs telling the abos not to sleep in the street, because they huff gas and pass out on the road?

That is a fact.

White people produced a rap song for them called “Don’t Sniff Petrol from a Can.”

I’m serious – watch the video. This isn’t satire.

This is an entire race that has a genetic drive to huff gasoline.

These creatures – it’s hard to even call them “people,” as they are more akin to a prehistoric ape – are not ever going to contribute anything at all, and they are actually dead weight.

Pandering to them is like lighting your own house on fire while your kids are asleep upstairs, and saying “I just want to be fair to the homeless.”