Australia Caves to PC Pressure Over “Anglo-Saxon” Job Opening

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 13, 2018

Australia always struck me as pretty based. They seem to be the most chill and laid back Anglo-sphere country. But maybe that’s just an American stereotype.

Honestly, I would love to visit there for a bit.

That is until I started having doubts about how based they really were…


An Australian telecommunications company has apologised for posting a job advert that stated a preference for “Anglo-Saxon” candidates.

Optus, the nation’s second-biggest provider, had included the description in a posting about a vacant position in a Sydney store.

The advert was shared on social media, where it was criticised as racist.

Optus responded by removing the posting and saying it would investigate the “completely unacceptable” error.

[We] will be investigating how this occurred with a view to taking disciplinary action against those involved,” spokesman Vaughan Paul said in a statement.

Has anyone ever been forgiven for cucking?


So why do it then?

Telecommunications means talking to people over the phone, right? Makes sense that you would want an Australian voice reaching out to people if you want sales. It’s so bleeding obvious – but it’s an outrageous act nowadays, I suppose.

Perhaps the Aussies are not as clever and refined as their Anglo cousins in the US.

All they had to do was just say “all candidates welcome” or something like that and disqualify all the Abos and Chinks on technicalities during the interview process.

It seems that they were too direct and honest and open for their own good.

Or the company was run by a clueless boomer that didn’t know better. Still, I am surprised. I thought that the Aussies were more relaxed about PC stuff. They had a show with a guy in blackface that was pretty popular not too long ago…

So this is bad news.

On a personal level, this saddens me. I heard that they had a fifteen dollar minimum wage there from a traveling hippy I met in a hostel in Moscow once. He told me over borsht about working there on the beach as a lifeguard doing jackshit for months and then at a scooter rental store.

He made it seem like a cool place tbh.

Now, I’m not so sure. Perhaps Australia isn’t as based as I once thought it was.