Australia: Brutal Cops Choke Woman for Not Wearing a Mask

What’s the problem? It’s a white woman.

Whites can’t be assaulted by police just like whites can’t experience racism, right?

ABC Australia:

Victoria Police is conducting an internal investigation after footage showing an officer holding a woman who wasn’t wearing a mask by the throat was posted online.

A video posted on Twitter shows a male police officer holding a woman around the neck while she yells “get off me … you’re choking me!”

One of the police officer’s thumbs can be seen pressing into the woman’s cheek as he holds her.

Another female police officer approaches, and the woman is seen kicking her in the chest.

The male officer then manoeuvrers the woman to the ground and holds her down.

A different video of the incident uploaded to YouTube shows the woman on her back yelling “get off me!” while the male police officer sits on her torso.

A man standing and filming the incident nearby is heard yelling “get off her!” and calling the police officers “hypocrites” for not social distancing.

The female police officer is also seen standing and watching.

Towards the end of the footage the woman on the ground is heard saying: “Why am I under arrest … assault? I did not assault you — you grabbed me!”

What happened in the lead-up to the police officer holding the woman around her neck was not captured in either video.

Victoria Police said the 21-year-old St Kilda woman was arrested in Collingwood on Monday evening after refusing to provide her identification to the officers for not wearing a face covering.

As we’ve told you before: you need to be watching Australia, because they are the test grounds for the entire coronavirus agenda that is about to be rolled out across the entire Western world.

You will be choked by the cops.