Australia: Antifa Protests in Support of More Aggressive Lockdown and Forced Vax

It’s easy enough to say “Antifa are the foot-soldiers of the globalist elite.”

But when you actually see them holding a protest in locked down, done up Australia – a country with the most severe anti-virus measures in the world – and demanding even more extreme virus measures, it’s wild.

Like, wow.

Antifa have also been protesting in support of government forced-vaccinations in America, and they went to an anti-mandate protest and shot some guy.

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At this point, anyone who takes Antifa at face value as some kind of anarchist-communist group is actually more ridiculous than the Antifa themselves. These people are making it very clear that they support whatever is on CNN, and they will go out and commit acts of violence in support of whatever CNN says.

I know it’s hard to believe that someone could be this dishonest, and claim to be “opposing the power structure” while supporting every single aspect of the agenda of the global ruling class. But they’re doing exactly that.

And no – they’re not confused about what they’re doing. I mean, maybe some drug-rattled freak is confused. But as a global movement, whoever is leading it is well aware that their job is to do whatever CNN says they should do.