Australia: Three-Year-Old Girl Almost Killed by Vegan Parents, Now Obese From Overeating

Daily Stormer
May 10, 2019

They skipped the slaughter part, unfortunately…

All of you sit down, I’m about to say something very, very controversial.

Are you ready?

Okay, here it goes:



A toddler who was so malnourished she could not stand and had no teeth is now obese, her carer has revealed.

The little girl was underfed by her parents who insisted on feeding her a vegan diet of oats and rice milk for the first 19 months of her life.

However, she continues to suffer from the effects of the abuse she suffered and over-eats, which her carer says is ‘like she’s storing calories in case she needs them in the future’.

Well, she was starved literally half her life, what did you expect?

Seriously though, some people have to do something about these vegan morons, they’re completely out of control.

The girl’s parents, aged 35 and 32, are facing lengthy prison terms in Sydney, Australia, where they are in court for sentencing hearings this week.

They should’ve been imprisoned the moment they became vegans.

The girl, who is now three, developed rickets because of a lack of basic nutrients and neighbours did not even know she existed for a long time.

Authorities were only made aware that she had been born when she had a seizure at their home five months before she turned two.

She weighed just 11lbs and looked like a three month old. She ended up staying in hospital for a month with her mum constantly at her bedside.

Why would they let that insane woman around her daughter when she’s the one that put her in the hospital in the first place?

A foster carer said: ‘For the first 19 months of her life (the girl) did not receive the basic care to grow and develop.

‘[She] was defenceless and unable to protect herself from her parents. Caring for [her] was like caring for a very young baby.’

She has made good progress, but her height and weight are out of proportion, the carer added.

She said: ‘It’s like her body is storing calories in case she needs them in the future. She immediately stands out as different from other children.’

Yeah, she’s probably never gonna be as healthy as she could’ve been.

Malnutrition at such a young age usually has permanent health consequences, while an adult can usually recover.

The girl’s mother revealed the vegan diet the family followed, including extreme eating measures.

In the morning she would have a cup of oats with rice milk and half a banana. At lunch it would be a piece of toast with peanut butter or jam.

Then for dinner the girl would have tofu, rice or potatoes. However, she called her daughter a fussy eater so just had oats if she did not want other food.

Imagine the level of insanity you’d have to reach to think this is a healthy diet to feed to a baby.

It’s been known for a long time that vegetarians are more likely to be mentally ill than normal people, so you can only imagine how much worse it is with veganism.

The diet led to severe deficiencies of calcium, phosphate, vitamin B12, vitamin A, iron and zinc. Her levels of vitamin D were undetectable.

Absolutely shocking…

Doctors initially followed the family’s request for the girl to be given a vegan diet, but when the mum said she would not allow soy milk because of ‘hormones’ they grew concerned.

Those doctors should’ve been arrested along with them.

This idiotic cult is proven to be bad for your health – hence this article – and any doctor who supports this being done to a child is not a doctor.

Her bones were so weak that many of them had become fractured through normal handling.

From the beginning the mother did not co-operate with health services, discharging herself three hours after giving birth.

The father added that they did not want to get their daughter vaccinated.

The vaccine crap has nothing to do with this.

In fact, vaccinating a near-starved to death baby would’ve probably made things worse.

When asked if he was concerned at his daughter’s lack of growth he said he ‘thought she was a girl and different to boys – she was petite.’

People this stupid are allowed to vote.

And then I’m expected to take (((democracy))) seriously…

Her parents admitted failing to provide for a child and causing serious injury.

They admitted it because they got arrested.

These retards haven’t learned a thing, they nearly killed their own child because someone told them bacon has feelings.

People like that usually can’t be rehabilitated, all you can do is mock them.