Australia: 14 Boys Aged 4-7 Rescued from Homosexuals in Bust of “Biggest Child Exploitation Ring to Date”

This headline does not say “boys” or “homosexuals.” A casual observer would simply think it was yet more of this mythical “women abuse” that doesn’t even exist in real life.

All we ever hear about is dumb nonsense to do with “rape culture,” which does not exist.

There is no such thing as “women abuse.”

However, homosexuality is a very real issue, and many children are harmed by homosexuals.

Of course, no one cares because boys are disposable and homosexuals, like women, are to be protected and defended no matter what.

Horrific stories of boys being abused are barely reported and then they disappear.

Look at the headline and then observe how long it takes this article to say “boys,” saying instead “children.”

These were not genderless children. They were boys.

And the men who were abusing them were not generic “abusers.” They were homosexuals.

ABC Australia:

Australian Federal Police (AFP) have arrested nine men in relation to an alleged child abuse network that was filmed, photographed and shared online.

Releasing details of the investigation it said operated across three states, the AFP said 40 charges had been laid.

At least 14 children have been removed from harmful situations.

The investigation began in February after a tip-off from US authorities.

Two men aged in their 20s were arrested on Thursday at Kendall on the New South Wales Mid North Coast and have each been charged with offences relating to the harm and exploitation of children.

The AFP will allege the pair were part of an online network that abused Australian children and recorded the crimes to share with others.

Police said the arrests were linked to alleged criminal activity across New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia.

Kendall is the same town where toddler William Tyrrell disappeared in 2014.

The name of the kidnapped boy, in paragraph 8, is the first indication that this is a gang of homosexuals.

The two men lived there at the time, but there is no indication they are suspects in that case.

Assistant Commissioner Lesa Gale described the investigation as the biggest and “most horrific” child-exploitation ring uncovered in Australia to date.

She said the investigation involved dozens of specialist operators working around the country who obtained tens of thousands of images.

“Operation Arkstone has shaken some of our most seasoned officers,” Assistant Commissioner Gale said.

“A total of 40 charges have been laid, with three of the men facing life imprisonment.

“It takes a network to break a network and to this end, we want to thank our police partners.

“The victims are getting younger and younger [and] this type of offending is becoming more violent and brazen.”

Five other men were arrested in New South Wales, while the remaining two men were arrested in Queensland and Western Australia.

Assistant Commissioner Gale said all victims were boys, aged between four and seven years old.

And there it is.

In paragraph 18, we finally are told directly that the victims were not generic children – they were boys.

They were our boys, white boys, who are preyed on with impunity across the Western world by homosexuals who are defended by our governments and our media.

This is the biggest “child exploitation ring” in Australian history, according to the cops, and it is a headline nowhere outside of Australia, and even there it is considered less important than the latest “black lives matter” news.

Homosexuality is objectively a much, much bigger threat to society than “racism,” which as we know based on all data, is not even a real problem.

In a real society, where the government actually cared about the people, homosexuality would be at the top of the list of problems, and we would be rescuing boys like these who are being abused by the homosexual rings.

Instead, it isn’t mentioned. Even in a story about the biggest “child abuse ring” in Australian history, we do not see the word “homosexual” and we do not even find out that the victims of the generic “child abusers” are boys until the 18th paragraph.

I have to admit that I’m shocked that this bust even happened. Most of the time, this stuff is swept under the rug, and the homosexuals are given a warning by the cops to be careful and be less public about sharing their homosexual pornography involving children on the internet.

So good on the Australian cops for at least making this bust happen. I’m sure they had to push through an army of¬†female bureaucrats to make this happen.

May God help the boys.