Austin: Third Bombing in the String, Two Injured

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 19, 2018

There’s pretty much zero possibility that this is not political in some way, at least ostensibly. Yes, there are deranged psychopaths who kill for pleasure, but I’m not familiar with them having ever used bombs.

So presumably, this is either a left-wing terrorist, a right-wing terrorist or a false flag of a right-wing terrorist.

Given that the victims have been minorities, I would assume it is either a right-wing terrorist or a false flag of a right-wing terrorist. We talked yesterday about false flags, and at this point, when I see any form of right-wing violence, I just assume there is a good chance it could be some kind of false flag. Of course, more often then not, there is a patsy used who will generally not know that he is being used.


Two men have been taken to the hospital after a blast rocked a neighborhood in Austin, Texas. The police have warned residents to stay away from the area.

Initial reports suggested there had been two explosions, but police have only confirmed one “Bomb Hotshot” call, and county Emergency Medical Service (EMS) say a “critical incident” has left two people injured. The injuries are serious, but not expected to be life-threatening.

“It’s obvious that there has been an explosion, and it’s obvious that is has caused significant injuries to two people,” Austin Police Chief Brian Manley told journalists following the incident.

The area is still a “very active scene right now,” Manley added, noting that police have been checking another suspicious item that they discovered in the same area.
“We do have a second item in the area, a backpack, that we are clearing right now to ensure that it is safe,” he said.

Officials have not yet said whether they believe the blast is connected to the three explosions that took place in Austin earlier this month.

The new explosion comes a week after two package bombs went off in the city on Monday morning, killing a 17-year-old local and injuring two women. The teenager inadvertently triggered the device by opening the box after finding it on the steps of his home in a northeast Austin neighborhood, police said.

All over the internet, there are people – presumably federal agents – invading Alt-Right circles and grooming young men to engage in acts of political violence. Basically, they use memes that already exist within the Alt-Right, then inject their own memes into it, saying that anyone who doesn’t commit terrorism is a cuck.

So far, one particular group, a satanic death cult that uses Nazi symbolism and is thus classified as a “white nationalist” group, has managed to get five people killed, and the feds are refusing to investigate them, instead saying that the killings do not relate to the group. Remember that I got blamed for Dylann Roof and had feds come looking for me because he ostensibly commented on this site.

This situation presents a unique challenge to the Alt-Right, and I’m not really even sure how to respond to it. I can continue to say that anyone who talks seriously on the internet about real world violence is either a fed or is being monitored by them, but it seems that this isn’t enough to keep a certain specific demographic (usually autistic) away from these honeypots. Giving the facts about the history of federal involvement in right-wing groups, the reality of online community, or the actual results of real-world terrorist violence will not be enough for a certain population segment.

I think there is a very good chance that these Austin bombings are being done by someone who was groomst online as an ostensibly right-wing terrorist. I have no idea, but that seems to be the most likely thing.

The Alt-Right is making significant progress, everywhere, and there are people very upset about that who are now willing to use very risky methods to shut us down.