Austin: Black Shoots Up Bar District (Score: 0)

Another mass shooting????

I never would have expected!

The AP won’t say it, but the cops and the local media were willing to report the shooter’s race.

It’s really incredible when you think about it: someone can go on a shooting spree and flee and the media won’t give a description because it’s racist to talk about a crime committed by a black.

What is even more incredible is that a black man can open fire in a crowded bar and injure 13 people without killing even one.

You people think I’m joking but they really do hold their guns sideways.


A shooting in a busy entertainment district in downtown Austin, Texas, injured 13 people early Saturday, and police said the suspected shooter was not in custody.

Two of the injured people were in critical condition but as of the news conference at 4 a.m. local time, no one had died, interim Austin Police Chief Joseph Chacon said.

Gunfire erupted just before 1:30 a.m. along 6th Street, a popular area filled with bars and restaurants. The street was barricaded to keep out vehicle traffic at the time of the shooting, Chacon said.

It was unclear what sparked the shooting.

Eleven of the injured people were taken to one local hospital, another person was taken to a different hospital, and the other person went to an urgent care facility with gunshot wounds, Chacon said.

“Our officers responded very quickly,” the interim chief said. “They were able to immediately begin life-saving measures for many of these patients, including applications of tourniquets; applications of chest seals.”

Chacon also said some officers transported patients to hospitals in their police cruisers due to the nature of the scene, where it was hard to contain the crowd and get ambulances to those who were injured.

The shooter was not immediately arrested. Chacon said the description that police had of the suspect was “not very detailed,” but said the person was believed to be a man.


Not very detailed… uhhh… we think he was a man.

Meanwhile, the literal description is “black male with a thin build and dreadlocks” – which is pretty detailed!

This was the headline:

Isn’t it kinda racist to suggest that a mass shooting needs a “motive”?

Isn’t “motive” a white colonial heterosexual concept?

This is a top story right now, but I think the situation is actually that a lot of people in the media aren’t aware that it’s a black guy.

Most media people are on the East Coast, and think everyone in Texas is white, I guess.

The story will disappear when his mug shot is released.

But hey – the way things are going now, he might not even get caught!

Remember that: we are entering into a Mexico-style situation where major shooting scenes will just go unsolved.