Aussies Finally Going After the Violent, Sadistic Police at Their Gang HQ

Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and George Soros are not the people forcing this virus hoax and this vax attack on us.

It’s the cops that are doing that.

The cops are the enemy of the people.


A march against Covid-19 vaccine mandates in Melbourne, Australia has disrupted traffic and seen several thousand demonstrators encircle a police station.

Crowds of protesters gathered in the capital city of Victoria state on Saturday to decry the regionโ€™s sweeping vaccine mandates, which cover the vast majority of occupations, as well as other Covid-related regulations. The rally began outside the regional parliament, with people then marching to Melbourne West Police Station.

In the process, the number of demonstrators grew to several thousand, according to Australian media, with young children reportedly among them.

Protesters then surrounded the police station while chanting, โ€œYou serve us.โ€ย One person walked in to hand over โ€œsome paperworkโ€ย to the police. Local media reported that the man claimed the officers wereย โ€œtaking directions from the government which is against the law.โ€

The rally passed without incident, with crowds dispersing after several hours.

Anti-mandate demonstrations have been held all across Australia, but most notably in the state of Victoria, for several consecutive weeks, often peaking on weekends. It is worth mentioning, though, that this time around, protesters in Melbourne had to brave 34 degrees Celsius heat (93 degrees Fahrenheit).

Slogans during Saturdayโ€™s rally ranged from the general โ€œno vax mandateโ€ and โ€œsave our nation,โ€ to religious-themed ones, such as โ€œIn the name of God, for our and your freedomsโ€ as well as โ€œJesus wins.โ€

Jesus wins!

Not Satan!

I do not believe that Schwab, Gates and Soros combined could manage to open a can of pickles.

They are not forcing this agenda on you.

The cops are forcing this on you, and it is the cops who deserve the hatred, it is the cops that should be protested.

Black people are right about the cops.