Aussie Immigration Chief: “Australia Isn’t European”

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project
February 8, 2015

Michael Pezzullo: Definitely not an Anglo name.
Michael Pezzullo: Definitely not an Anglo name.

During an Australia Day speech, Michael Pezzullo, the head of the immigration department, told his department that Australia should not think of itself as a European (White) country and become a “gateway to the world“.

It is always going to be the case that we were, and therefore will always be, a settler nation” he said. “The ancient indigenous heritage, a British foundation of social and political order, and the multicultural diversity of our ­immigrant society will always co-exist on our island continent, and in our hearts and minds.

But we should increasingly reframe our national self-understanding and speak more of ­engaging with the world, and not just settling our land. The vestiges of insularity and living ensconced in our sheltered land, far from our ‘home’, have passed away.

In other words, he is saying that Australia should stop thinking of itself as a European country with a majority White population, and think of itself as a “nation of immigrants” – a popular argument for those who push White genocide.

Pezzullo said White Australia should be considered as the foundations for a new Australia, not the “final and complete definition of our story“.

More than settlement, we should look to become Australia’s gateway to the world, and the world’s gateway to Australia.

But the overwhelming and predominant role of the department will be to act as the open conduits of Australia’s engagement with the world around us, whether for the purposes of trade, travel, or migration.

If White people are not historically recognized as the natives of a country, anti-Whites insist that the country must exist for everyone on the planet.

You’ll notice that they never say it must be returned to the “native” population, because, frankly, they don’t care about them. That’s why we call them anti-Whites — all their arguments and policies are intended to lead to a world where White people become a minority.

“Diversity” is their main argument for White genocide; they never say a Black area is “too Black, and they never say an Asian area is “too Asian” — “diversity” is all about getting rid of White people.