Aussie Girl Denied Lease in Scotland Because Australia is “Racist”

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
December 11, 2015

Not even her homo rainbow cape could save this liberal crusader from being White
Not even her homo rainbow cape could save this liberal crusader from being White

An Australian girl who loves multiculturalism and parties with homos got her just desserts when she was rejected on an application for an apartment by a landlord in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The landlord, who is even more of a liberal cuck than her, denied the backpacker’s application inquiry arguing that “Australians are racist.” This in itself could be construed as an act of bigotry and discrimination, but only in a sane world.

2F3BE25200000578-3354199-image-m-62_14497470575622F3BE33200000578-3354199-image-a-63_1449747070578The Daily Mail, which should be sold off to New Guinean pygmies, reports:

An Australian backpacker was left shocked after she was told she could not rent a flat in Edinburgh because people from her country are ‘drunks and racists’.

Laura Gratton, 24, saw the £400-a-month room advertised online and inquired about the possibility of living there having recently moved to Scotland for the first time.

But the landlord turn down her request straight away – saying that ‘it is well known that Australians are racist’ and she would therefore not be a good housemate.

And after Miss Gratton – who is working in a restaurant in Edinburgh – pointed out that she is friends with people from all around the world, the man again insisted that ‘Australia is the most racist nation’.

If only Australia WAS the most racist nation on earth, it would be a blessed, wonderful thing. But the truth is a lot more cucked, and Laura was quick to point this out about Oz but to no avail since when a cuck goes up against another cuck it meets a cucked force that totally cucks it.

Outraged at the response, Miss Gratton wrote to him saying: ‘You obviously are quite racist putting such labels and speculations on a whole race without knowing the individual.

‘The majority of my closest friends are from across the globe so would hate to think I’m racist. So thank you for rejecting this email, I don’t think we would get along at all. And I suggest you actually visit Australia and realise how multicultural we are.’

But the landlord then sent her a link to a news report about racism in Australia, adding: ‘Hi, I’m not judging a whole race. I don’t want to take the risk. It is fact Australia is the most racist nation, your people are so open about it as well.

‘This is what you Australians are known for in Europe. I think we would still get along by the way. Anyway, good luck.’

Miss Gratton said afterwards: ‘When I first received the response I thought it was just a joke but then I realised that he was being serious.

Sorry Lozza, but your ‘non-racist’ credentials won’t cut it in a city like Edinburgh where the true natives are black and brown and smell of curry and Moslem bath houses.