Auschwitz Hoax Patrol Condemns TikTok for Not Censoring More

Don’t Jews have their own country where they can go live, instead of harassing all of us nonstop and demanding we be silenced?

Wouldn’t it be easier and happier for everyone if they just went and lived in that country?

Or do they get pleasure from whining?

The Guardian:

The Auschwitz museum has called a new trend, where users of video-sharing app TikTok role-play as Holocaust victims, “hurtful and offensive,” but added that it did not want to shame young people involved.

The museum at the site of the former Nazi death camp was responding to the point of view videos.

The short clips feature youths recounting how they died in the Holocaust, and sometimes show them sporting fake bruises, a striped inmate outfit or one of the armbands marked with the Star of David Jews were ordered to wear.

“The ‘victims’ trend on TikTok can be hurtful & offensive. Some videos are dangerously close or already beyond the border of trivialization of history,” the Auschwitz Memorial said on Twitter.

“Some were not created to commemorate anyone, but to become part of an online trend. This is very painful.

“But we should discuss this, not to shame & attack young people whose motivation seem very diverse,” it added.

I also have relatives who died in wars. In fact, everyone on earth has relatives who died in wars. No one thinks that is “very painful” if it happened to people who died before they were born, which is now the case with basically every Jew whining about the Holocaust.

Surely, the world is tired of this. I’m so very tired of it, that I don’t even care to explain how the claim that Jews were gassed in “homicidal chambers” is untrue anymore.

If it were true, no one would care. It’s 75 years ago. This is relevant to the lives of precisely no one other than whining Jews, and they need to stop inflicting their problems on us and making all of these outrageous and demeaning demands.

I have a lot of problems, Jews. We all do. You need to learn to manage your own personal emotions yourselves. If you’re feeling “very hurt” over something that happened decades before you were born, you need to see a mental health professional and stop acting like it is anyone’s problem but your own.