Auburn: Video Of Heimbach and His Blackshirts Charging Antifa Protesters

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
April 22, 2017

The Traditionalist Worker Party and Matthew Heimbach went to Auburn to protect attendants of Richard Spencer’s speech. A chapter of the domestic terrorist group Antifa bussed in a dozen or so militants with the stated intention of committing violence. Neither the FBI nor the police did anything to stop them, and they were able to walk around the campus freely trying to incite violence.

The Antifas themselves reused their script of declaring victory where none was had. Everything Leftists believe is a lie, so it’s no surprise that they lie about “beating down the fash” every time there is an event like this. Their “reality” is informed by crackpot Jew theories, rather than the scientific reverse.

Here is their take on what transpired, from an April 19th entry on the Antifa website “It’s Going Down”:

According to those on the ground, some of the neo-Nazis were beaten as they were chased away by the crowd who chanted, “Tiger town puts Nazis down!” Various fascists were knocked to the ground, punched in the face, and stomped on before police could arrive to help them. As per usual, Richard Spencer was well protected by police and was escorted away from the premises as his “white bloc” security forces faced the wrath of the angry crowd.

While Spencer unsurprisingly declared victory over social media, what is clear is that it was the ability of the police to control the crowd that allowed Spencer to speak – not the ability of the Alt-Right to hold their ground. In the face of mass action from the students who pushed back against them, they high tailed and ran. All the way out of town.

A video from the event shows a very different story.

In order to make space to get the men out safely, Heimbach and the TWP Blackshirts charged towards the crowd. They even had a girl with them to go to town in case one of the many gender-ambiguities on the other side decided to throw a punch. The police rushed in to stop them and protect the Antifa, which allowed a safe passage for the nationalists (except one comrade, who was separated in the chaos).

The cellphone camera and social media are busting all the myths. The ability to garner and access irrefutable proof, as well as media platforms like the Daily Stormer which transmit it, is making all the fake news from Jews and Leftists go up in flames.

Nobody is afraid of Pepsi-Commies anymore. We’re not their parents, we have no obligation to tolerate their temper tantrums and every right to smash their skulls in self-defense. Our numbers are swelling just enough to be able to take them on and win (we can beat them in a 3 on 1 fight). One thing that’s for sure: if you’re not willing to fight back in defense of your rights, nobody will give them to you.