Attorney General William Barr Does Come Across Well

Attorney General William Barr appeared on CNN with his cousin Wolf Blitzer this week, and we can understand why people have faith in him: he really does come across well. He speaks frankly and intelligently, like a classic American straight-shooter. I can see how anyone – especially Donald Trump – would be taken in by this.

But we have to look at the actual reality of the situation.

The reality of the situation is this:

  • William Barr has refused to prosecute Hillary Clinton
  • William Barr has said that he would never prosecute Barack Obama under any circumstances, despite the fact that he has basically admitted that he committed all these crimes by spying on Donald Trump during the campaign
  • Jeffrey Epstein died in William Barr’s custody and he has not ever come out and really said much about it
  • William Barr is outright refusing to prosecute virtually anyone involved in these BLM and Antifa riots
  • William Barr created a task force to entrap right-wing idiots (the FBI just swooped two Boogaloo morons under his program)

So – do the math.

There is zero evidence that this man’s actions have ever or will ever reflect the straight-shooter that we see talking on TV.

The evidence is all in: he puts on a very convincing show, acts like the most reasonable person you’ve ever seen – then gets off of the TV and engages in a vast anti-Trump and anti-American conspiracy.

He could prosecute Clinton and the whole Obama Administration. He could RICO both BLM and Antifa.

He’s not doing it.

Instead, he’s going after Boogaloo Boys and Julian Assange.

Actions are what matter.