Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s Legal Precedent: Oppose Death Penalty Except When The Criminal Is A White Male

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 31, 2016


If Dylann Roof was black, this is the only picture of him the media would allow you to see.

Let it be clear that there is no excuse for going into a church and executing a bunch of little old black ladies unprovoked. In fact, in such a case, I myself, an “evil neo-Nazi,” would support the death penalty for Dylann Roof.

What differentiates me from Jews and the most visible black activists is that I’m consistent, and can put my own racial agenda aside on genuine questions of justice. I support the death penalty for non-whites who commit similarly egregious crimes as well as whites, while the people on the other side want to let blacks who rape and murder white people to go free.


Corrupt Negro Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who is fanatically pushing for the death penalty for the bowl-cut sporting perpetrator of the June 2015 Charleston attack, embodies this stark hypocrisy. In 2014, Chuck Johnson dug up material of Loretta Lynch publicly stating that she refused to seek the death penalty during her stint as U.S. Attorney from 1999-2001 specifically because she didn’t want any black men to be executed:
ll ll2ll2As with all establishment talk of “criminal justice reform,” little to nothing is said about why certain races are more likely to be convicted for crimes categorized as worthy of the death penalty. Myopic, low-agency peoples are trained by a corrupt intellectual class to focus only on disparities in outcome, rather than looking at the Federal Governments very own racial statistics on violent crime. The goal is to weigh the scales against whites in order to execute more and pardon more blacks (irrelevant if they’re guilty) for the sake of racial parity. This is a grave injustice caused by the ideological refusal to look at the actual reasons (both genetic and social) for why the average black is dumber, more violent and anti-social than the average white. It’s the same lazy mindset that drives black public school officials to change their students’ grades to match white averages.

Loretta Lynch isn’t the only one who believes our justice system serves as a bully pulpit for those afflicted with racial animosity towards whites, but she is in charge of this case. Either the law applies equally to everyone, or it doesn’t apply to anyone, which is why Dylan Roof’s attorneys–in light of Lynch’s past statements and actions – must open up a racial discrimination lawsuit against the federal government.

Two-Tiered System

The hidden caveat here is that most Jews and blacks think being “racist” (in present discourse, this means whites asserting their right to live or have borders) is a crime worthy of death, even if they don’t have the numbers to fully impose this… yet.

The lynch mob that came out against Brock Turner, a white athlete who was sent to jail for 6 months for drunkenly fingering and making out with another drunk girl, should raise red flags as to what these ludicrous dirtbags have in store. Blacks are far more likely than whites to actually rape someone, and as in the case of Birth of a Nation director Nate Parker, it’s not unusual for skittish Judges and Bronx juries to let them off if the victim is white. The difference is that the media doesn’t put out call to arms against them, because the people in our media think blacks raping whites should be legal (there is no other reasonable explanation).

Cuckold Armed Mob Outside Of Brock Turners House

Cuckold Armed Mob Outside of Brock Turner’s House, notably absent when the criminal is black.

In 2014, there was far more commotion against the death penalty during the case of the Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, whose actions killed six men, women and children, and forever mauled and made disabled hundreds of others in the name of Jihad.

During his trial the principled, if flawed, Aryan Ian Millhiser wrote a collaboration piece with the Jew Zack Beauchamp pleading to spare Tsarnaev’s life.


Three years later, Millhiser, who is genuinely against the death penalty for moral and ethical reasons, has written a similar article asking to avoid the death penalty for Roof.

But somebody’s missing from this 2016 update. Beauchamp has not co-signed the reiteration of the argument against the death penalty. Does he support executing Roof? Beauchamp has written a number of articles decrying Roof’s racism and talking about the latent terrorist threat inside every single white man, but nothing on his capital punishment trial.

There could be some other explanation, but I digress, the majority of people who oppose the death penalty support it against white males or are silent about it, just look at the comments from “liberals” on Buzzfeed. One black religious leader has notably defended Roof, but he’s in the minority and says that he only wants to show Roof mercy because he thinks it sets a precedent for more blacks to be executed.

There’s no doubt Roof’s case is one that should be tried as a capital crime, but the motives behind it are a taste of what is to come if whites ever become the minority in the United States. If Jews give the Loretta Lynch’s of the world even more power over the white population, we’re going to end up in a Mandela-style South African system, where blacks who murder scores of whites for no reason at church are given complete pardons, while whites who defend themselves against a black home invader are arrested, have a tire put over their heads, and are lit on fire.

Better get going on reversing the current demographic decline, because every minute we waste is a minute closer to our races death. Hopefully people left-leaning but more honorable whites like Ian Millhiser will see the light when the people he thought shared his values are actually just motivated by sheer bigotry against whites.