Atrocities Continue: Chinese Rape Machine is Getting More Aggressive Every Instant

Tara Reade can’t get her sex story about Joe Biden published, despite the fact that she worked for him and has told the same story for decades, with evidence showing that she told her mother before 1993, when her mother called in to Larry King Live to talk about it.

It was also mentioned in court filings in the 1990s that she had to leave her job as an aide to the then Senator because she felt she was being harassed.

But the media won’t print that, now that Biden has been ordained. Reade has to publish her stories in Russian state media.

But some rando Moslem woman who has no proof she’s even been to China, let alone in a concentration camp there, is allowed to accuse the entire Chinese nation of a comprehensive rape room agenda?

BBC News has all the details on this story that is very important to your life:

The men always wore masks, Tursunay Ziawudun said, even though there was no pandemic then.

They wore suits, she said, not police uniforms.

Sometime after midnight, they came to the cells to select the women they wanted and took them down the corridor to a “black room”, where there were no surveillance cameras.

Several nights, Ziawudun said, they took her.

“Perhaps this is the most unforgettable scar on me forever,” she said.

“I don’t even want these words to spill from my mouth.”

The BBC article just goes on and on, but one thing it is lacking is any kind of evidence.

Even if they had evidence, which would be impossible, what would that mean? The BBC article says it is “an organised system of mass rape” and acts like this is some part of a Chinese government agenda, what with the comments on “men in suits.” However, in reality, it would be Moslems who work as guards at the detention centers doing the raping.

Basically, this is just everything they did to Moslems after 911, where they continually said they were doing all of these various things. Some of the stories were I’m sure true, but most were not, and it served the purpose to create a constant background noise intended to make people think “someone has to stop these hajis!” (That the Moslems are now who we are defending after the last two decades where we were supposed to be destroying them is a fact that seems to have flown right past everyone’s head.)

Watch this video, from the build up to the first Iraq War:

That girl was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador, and that was a dramatic performance. It was all completely made up. No one killed any babies. The Senator who brought her to testify falsely, Tom Lantos, was not only Jewish but a supposed “Holocaust survivor.” Seriously.

No one went to jail for that, although it was admitted that someone, including the Jew, staged it to start a war with Iraq.

This is called “atrocity propaganda.” The concept has its own Wikipedia page:

Why would anyone not assume that 100% of information coming from the Western media about enemy countries falls into this category? What reason do they have to not make this stuff up, while they are pushing you towards yet another war?

I wish the Chinese would make a goth punk band called “Systematic Mass Rape,” and have it by like The Misfits, only instead of singing songs about old horror movies, they sang songs about these stories the West prints about them.

They’re good at copying things – they could just do parodies of The Misfits.

For example: “Prime directive: exterminate the whole human race” could easily become “prime directive: inseminate the whole Uighur race.”

In fact, I’ll write the lyrics.

I just need four Chinamen with long hair, makeup and black clothes.

It will be transgressive and cool. The teenagers will love it.