Atomwaffen Spinoff Revealed to be Run by a 13-Year-Old Estonian Boy

“Oy vey goyim, what did you do?”

Completely lacking in all manner of basic self-awareness, antifa has reported the dox of the leader of a “terror” group they were fighting against, and it turns out it’s a 13-year-old Estonian boy.

This is a group that is part of the “Atomwaffen network of satanic skull mask terror groups,” which use an edgy 2016 aesthetic on their ads and talk about doing terrorism. They are involved in Marilyn Manson type teen satanism and want to kill people to get magical powers from Lord Beelzebub.

“The Base” is another one of these groups, and it was revealed earlier this year that that group was run by a former CIA agent who is currently an intelligence contractor in Washington. A 13-year-old boy in Estonia running a sister group is almost worse.

Does anyone actually think a 13-year-old boy can run a terrorist network? Conversely, does anyone think Western governments don’t have an interest in hyping up “neo-Nazi terrorism” for the sake of pushing an anti-white agenda?

This is all really developing exactly along the lines of the Islamic terrorist groups of the 00s, where nothing makes any sense if you try to understand it as it is presented to you. It only actually makes sense as a manufactured threat. A few patsies are roped into an intelligence operation designed to use the specter of terrorism to justify various measures the government wants to take.

Just like with Islamic terrorist groups, they create a bunch of different names so that it makes the manufactured threat seem more widespread. They are setting up all these different groups like franchises, but continuing to use the same artwork, which has clearly been focus-tested to appeal to emotionally unstable teenagers.

Or maybe it’s just focus-tested to make white people look try-hard and cringe when the media shows these graphics and says “this is what people who believe whites have a right to exist think is cool.”

The list of different groups also allows them to continue promoting the same agenda while the groups are continually burned. “Oh the Discord leaks of Atomwaffen show they were all having sex with the same Mexican tranny? Well, forget Atomwaffen, here’s ‘The Base.’ Oh, the leader of ‘The Base’ was revealed to be a former CIA agent with an active CAGE Code? Well, you’re gonna wanna go ahead and join ‘Feuerkrieg Division.’ Oh, Feuerkrieg Division was just a Discord server run by a 13-year-old boy telling you to commit terrorism? Hold on, we’ll get another one of these satanic skull mask groups up for you promptly, goy.”

Then they can cycle back to Atomwaffen after enough time, or just keep making new ones.

All of them are being advertised as linking back to Azov Battalion in the Ukraine, a group that was put together by US intelligence to fight Russia, just as all of the Moslem groups linked back to al-Qaeda, a group that was put together by US intelligence to fight Russia. It’s deja vu all over again.

Compare this passage from the Unicorn Riot article on Feurkrieg Division:

While there may be some overlap in membership, for most of its existence FKD has operated separately from both Atomwaffen (AWD) and the Base. However, over time FKD’s relationship to Atomwaffen became somewhat murky.

FKD’s anonymous founder and leader ‘Commander’, believed to be an Estonian teenager, repeatedly stressed his group’s independence from Atomwaffen and expressed feelings of competition and jealousy towards AWD. FKD members also complained about competing for recruits with the Sonnenkreig Division, a UK-based spinoff of Atomwaffen.

In early August 2019, Commander expressed frustration that members of Atomwaffen were contacting him to try to absorb FKD into their group. Screenshots Commander posted shows messages he exchanged with Atomwaffen member Richard Tobin (‘landser.awd’.)

To this passage from Inquiries Journal on the split of Al-Nusra and ISIS:

Despite their roots in the same leadership organization, ISI and al Nusra developed along two different strategic paths. William McCants outlines the conflict, explaining that “[t]he [Islamic] State [of Iraq] wanted to carve out a domain in the Arab hinterland between Syria and Iraq [while] Nusra wanted to embed itself in the Syrian opposition and overthrow the Assad regime” (McCants 2015, 89–90). Over time, Baghdadi determined, with some jealousy, that the foot soldiers that made al Nusra so powerful were more loyal to Julani than to himself; he pressed Julani to make public that the Syrian group was, in fact, a subsidiary of the Islamic State of Iraq.

If both things sound like dumb fiction, it’s because they are.

If you thought it couldn’t get any dumber, then I envy your innocence: Atomwaffen/The Base/Feuerkrieg Division actually promote al-Qaeda and say they want to form a terrorist alliance with them.

I mean, come on.

The media won’t report on the fact that this is all obviously run by the government, for obvious reasons. But when they wrote up that the leader of “The Base” was a former CIA agent with an active CAGE code, even I was shocked they didn’t suggest that it was an intelligence operation. What is even the thinking there? If you follow their logic, what does it actually mean? That the CIA is infiltrated by international Nazi terrorists?

The Jews in the government – specifically Max Rose and Adam Schiff – are whining that these people in these various satanic neo-Nazi groups are traveling to the Ukraine to get training from Azov, which was directly armed and trained by the Obama State Department. (Rose was even falsely claiming that Christchurch shooter Brenton Tarrant was trained by Azov.) At the same time, they are claiming that the existence of these groups means that anyone talking about pro-white politics needs to be considered a terrorist, and monitored using Patriot Act style intelligence.

You do not exactly have to have a quantum level brain to figure this all out.