Atomwaffen in the Media Again! Recruiting on Instagram! Run by Live Teenagers!

Every time there is “neo-Nazi group” in a headline, I click it to see if it is something related to me or my friends, since me and my friends used to be called that term by the media.

But for the last 2-3 years, it has always turned out that the story is about some kind of Atomwaffen group.

For those who don’t recall, Atomwaffen was found to be run by a “former” CIA agent with an active CAGE code, doing intelligence contracting for the US government.

The Guardian:

Instagram has become a hub for young neo-Nazis to recruit young people to far-right groups, a report from an anti-racism group has warned.

The recommendations-driven platform and focus on visual media make it ideal for spreading propaganda, Hope Not Hate (HNH) said in its annual State of Hate assessment.

HNH identified two far-right groups active in the UK – The British Hand and the National Partisan Movement – which have used Facebook-owned Instagram to recruit members, while using other messaging apps, such as Telegram.

Three alleged members of The British Hand, who are all teenage boys, are facing trial on terrorism charges.

Nick Lowles, Hope Not Hate’s chief executive, said: “Though we continue to warn about niche platforms like Telegram, a fertile recruitment ground for young neo-Nazis has been Instagram – its inadequate moderation and worrying algorithm recommendations are child protection issues that demand urgent action from the platform.”

Facebook said it had banned more than 250 white supremacist organisations from Facebook and Instagram and would continue removing content that supports these groups.

The HNH report found the Covid-19 pandemic has sped up the move of the British far right from the streets to online.

The group said older, traditional groups have been left behind by a younger, digital generation who exploit technology to promote their ideology through gaming, social media voice chats, online film clubs and even home schooling.

No, they’re run by older CIA agents, who exploit young people using technology.

These people come out and say “international Nazi terror group led by 13-year-old boy” and it’s like “wait, what? really?”

You would think that anyone who heard “identical groups run by random teenagers pop up all over the world” would do a thinking emoji. But no.

These groups keep changing their name, but it is the same underlying program to seduce disaffected teenagers with edgy language, and it is always the same edgy art, employing Third Reich symbols, as seen at the top.

What is happening now is that no group that isn’t controlled by intelligence agencies is ever in the media. We see this now with all of that coverage Proud Boys got, as we now know it was being run by the FBI.

It’s actually frightening, the way there is a total lockdown of society, and even the supposed rebel Nazi groups are totally controlled by the establishment and used as players in this psychodrama that is playing out before us.

It just tells you the extent to which they are following the Bolshevik playbook.