At Trump Rally, Americans Chant “FIRE FAUCI”

At a rally in Miami, supporters of Your Favorite President chanted “FIRE FAUCI,” in reference to the criminal America-destroyer Anthony Fauci.

Fauci is a Bill Gates shill, who gets money from Bill Gates to promote a stupid and insane virus agenda designed to destroy America as part of a globalist takeover.

Fauci had been quiet about the political situation, simply making rude hints – up until this weekend, when the rat showed his fangs and endorsed Joe Biden. He said that Joe Biden is more obsessed with the virus, and so should be running the country (into the ground) with this stupid hoax.

Trump is now winning by such a massive margin that it is virtually impossible that the Democrats will be able to steal the election on Tuesday. They are going to try, of course, and it is very possible that the media will simply come out and claim that Biden won. But it is unlikely that they will be successful. Given this, I actually cheered when Fauci came out and endorsed Joe Biden. Because this means he’s going to have to be fired after the election.

There is no way that a man who has actively attempted to sabotage the president can continue to serve him in this important capacity. Trump knows that, and I think even people who don’t like Trump will have to accept the fact that Fauci’s strange decision to endorse the opposition just before the election means that he can no longer serve in his current capacity under Donald Trump.

I am hereby endorsing Scott Atlas to replace Anthony Fauci as chief virus master.

The media is continually claiming that Atlas can’t be a virus master because he is not a virologist. However, as we’ve gone through and explained here on this site many, many times, Bill Gates owns the entire virology industry. There is not a single virus lab on the planet that has not received large money from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

On the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s “awarded grants” page, there are 84 pages of grants.

With 12 on each page, that’s over 1,000 universities and labs they’ve given money to.

Bill Gates is a billionaire who wanted to seriously change the course of history. But given the size of the world, a billionaire is not capable of changing the course of history without a good strategy. Gates’ strategy was to buy the entire virus industry, then proceed to pump up a virus hoax, through which he could make billions and redirect the course of history.

Scott Atlas has never received money from Bill Gates, which is why Bill Gates recently came out and condemned him as evil. Scott Atlas is not beholden to any globalist billionaire conspiracy. He is an honest man who is aware that Sweden exists.

Atlas is a little bit more of a believer in the virus than I am, but on the whole, I have not run into a single statement from him that I strongly disagreed with.

He recently did a long interview with RT that you can watch to get an idea of where he is coming from.

I will revel in the downfall of Anthony Fauci.

This man has harmed this country more than any single person who has ever lived. He completely gutted our society and collapsed our social order at a time when it couldn’t have been more devastating.

He deserves to be prosecuted for conspiracy against America.

His firing is going to crush the liberal scum.

They just love this scumbag.

Have you seen their fan art?

Imagine the mindset – fan art for the man who is creating a generation of neurotic children.

The souls of these people are going to be opened up and spilled on the ground by Donald Trump’s firing abilities.