At This Point, How Can Hillary Clinton Not Go Down?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 26, 2017

At present, we now know for a fact that:

a) Hillary Clinton framed Donald Trump for collusion with Russia by paying for a fake “dossier” promoting the idea that he engaged in some kind of piss-related sex act with hookers in Moscow and the FSB filmed it, and

b) that Hillary herself, and her husband, took bribes from Russia to transfer Uranium One to them

The question now is: how can she possibly get out of this?

How can she not be charged criminally?

In general, Presidents do not prosecute their predecessor so as to avoid getting prosecuted by their own predecessor. I actually believe that after Trump, we will get another, better Republican. However, I can see why Trump is being cautious and never went through with the promise to lock her up by himself pushing forward an investigation.

However, this is a situation that is worse even that the George Bush Iraq invasion scandal in the public mind, because for an entire year, the media has talked about “Russian collusion” and “election interference” – and now, we’ve finally found the Russian colluder and election interferer.

How can we not punish this person?

Well, we might.

Right now, Clinton is getting stuck on both fronts.

Both the Senate Judiciary Committee and the House Intelligence Committee are opening investigations into Russian collusion.

LA Times:

House Republicans are opening investigations of the Obama administration’s 2010 decision to approve the sale of American uranium mines to a Russian-backed company, lawmakers said Tuesday.

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Tulare), the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said at a news conference that his panel and the House Oversight Committee would jointly probe the deal, which President Trump has called “the real Russia story.”

Nunes said the House probe would focus initially on whether the the FBI or Justice Department had investigated attempts by Russian officials to gain influence over the American energy industry.

“This is just the beginning of the probe,” Nunes told reporters. “We’re not going to jump to any conclusions at this time.”

The House probe of the uranium deal parallels a Senate Judiciary Committee probe into whether the FBI had evidence that Russian nuclear officials were involved in fraudulent dealings in 2009 before the uranium deal was approved.


And a complaint has been filed with the Election Commission over the #Pissgate files.

Daily Mail:

The Campaign Legal Center has filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission against Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and the Democratic National Committee for ‘hiding’ the fact that they commissioned a dossier on Donald Trump.

CLC says the Democratic nominee for president’s political operation ‘violated campaign finance law.’ The non-profit says the conduct should be investigated and sanctioned.

At least some of the money the entities directed to the party’s law firm for ‘legal services’ was spent on the collection of the opposition research, CLC’s complaint asserts.

‘By failing to file accurate reports,’ it says, ‘the DNC and Hillary for America undermined the vital public information role that reporting is intended to serve.’

Brendan Fischer, director of FEC reform at the Campaign Legal Center, said in a statement accompanying the complaint that the Clinton campaign’s financial reporting was ‘entirely misleading and subverts the reporting requirements.’

Senior director of trial litigation and strategy at CLC Adav Noti also said that the ‘misleading reports…undermined the vital public information role of campaign disclosures.’

If the commission agrees, CLC says in its complaint that the FEC should ‘determine and impose appropriate sanctions for any and all violations, should enjoin the respondents from any and all violations in the future, and should impose such additional remedies as are necessary and appropriate to ensure compliance.’

Trump himself called Clinton out yesterday; speaking to reporters, he called the fake piss story a “disgrace” – something of an understatement.

He then discussed the issue on Lou Dobbs (full Dobbs interview here).

An op-ed in the New York Post has asked why the compiling of the “dossier” doesn’t count as treason, when Tim Kaine claimed that Donald Jr. meeting with a Russian lawyer was “treason”:

What’s the difference between the infamous Russian dossier on Donald Trump and that random fake-news story you saw on Facebook last year? The latter was never used by America’s intelligence community to bolster its case for spying on American citizens nor was it the foundation for a year’s worth of media coverage.

Then again, you get what you pay for. We now know Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee paid as much as $9 million for the discredited dossier on Trump.

That’s a lot of money to write “pissing hookers, lol” – which is effectively all this “dossier” was.

There was no information that was not made up.

According to The Washington Post, a lawyer named Marc Elias, who represented both the 2016 Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, had hired Fusion GPS, a DC firm working on behalf of the Russian government to soften sanctions at the time, to provide opposition research for them. The firm then hired a former British spy named Christopher Steele who reportedly purchased salacious rumors about Trump from the Russians.

Elias is Jewish, btw.

In case anyone is keeping score on that particular issue.

Now, you might expect that the scandalous revelation of a political campaign using opposition research that was partially obtained from a hostile foreign power during a national election would ignite shrieks of “collusion” from all patriotic citizens. After all, only last summer, when it was reported that Donald Trump Jr. met with a Kremlin-linked Russian lawyer who claimed to be in possession of damaging information about Clinton, there was widespread condemnation.

Finally, we were told, a smoking gun tied the Trump campaign to Vladimir Putin. Former Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine went as far as to suggest that the independent counsel begin investigating treason.

Treason! Trump Jr. didn’t even pay for or accept research.

The Clinton crew, on the other hand, did. They didn’t openly push the contents of the dossier — probably because they knew it was mostly fiction. Instead, Fusion GPS leaked it to their friends in the media.


It’s just as likely that the dossier was used by Clinton’s allies in the government.

The Obama administration reportedly relied on the dossier to bolster its spying on US citizens. We know of at least one case where the information was used to justify a FISA warrant on a Trump adviser. And let’s not forget that Steele had reached an agreement to be compensated for his efforts by the FBI.

The Fusion GPS story is now the most tangible evidence we possess of Russian interference in the American election.

And at some point, Democrats will have to decide whether it’s wrong for a political campaign to work with foreigners when obtaining opposition research or whether it’s acceptable. We can’t have different standards for Democrats and Republicans.

Otherwise people might start to get the idea that all the histrionics over the past year weren’t really about Russian interference at all, but rather about Hillary losing an election that they assumed she’d win.

And that’s getting closer to the narrative I’m working with here: if a knowingly fake document was distributed to the government as real, does that not count as engaging in an intelligence operation against the government?

Sure, it could have slipped into their hands, but the Jew layer Elias lied about the fact that they had paid for it for a year straight – when he knew for most of that year that the government was acting on this fake “intelligence.”

The Post’s editorial board is also published a piece saying that Mueller needs to be investigated for his role in this as the head of the FBI at the time that organization declined to continue an investigation into the Russian bribery scandal. The Wall Street Journal is calling for Mueller to recuse.

The Democrat media is throwing Hillary under the bus. It was the WaPo that initially exposed these new facts regarding the #Pissgate scandal (they’ve since been confirmed). Chris Matthews just threw her under the bus. A Bloomberg Jew threw her under the bus today while saying “this is how evil Russia is – they had Hillary too!” – I am betting that will be the new basic narrative.

Clinton is now buried under a mound of exposed criminal actions, and we know that the FBI has files on all of her other criminal behavior. And she doesn’t have any friends left.

She’s in a very tough spot.