At Debate, Biden and Sanders Teach People to Do the “Bro-Bow” AKA “El-Bro”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 16, 2020

The biggest takeaway from Sunday night’s debate between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden in Phoenix, Arizona was that they did the “bro-bow” AKA the “el-bro.” This is a maneuver that is like the famous “bro fist” popularized by beloved YouTuber “PewDiePie,” but it is done with your elbow.

I think it’s gay, and I will never be involved in any sort of “bro-bow” activities.

I will instead stick to my normal method of greeting and showing affection to loved ones.

Most of the rest of the debate was what you’d expect it to be: boring, save for the fact that Biden is senile and says weird things.

There was no audience to yell, so the debate looked like it was from the 1980s.

Play some damn music or something. Get some Thai go-go girls up on stage. I can’t watch two men who are pushing 80 babble on about nonsense without a bit of something else going on.

No one can. No one is watching this crap.

No one cares. The universe is going to end from heat death anyway.

Biden went way “to the left,” said a bunch of kook stuff about open borders and never deporting anyone, free abortion, shutting down the entire energy sector and only buying Middle East oil.

Can you even call that stuff “the left” when it’s what all of the multinational corporations are calling for?

The only thing I can really say is that I like Joe Biden’s style.

He hates black people, unlike the nigger-lover Bernie.

He also wants to take away healthcare from old people so they die in squalor. Which is a pretty solid position.

He cuts straight through the malarkey and he’s alpha.

But who cares?

Trump was alpha and we got malarkey running all up and down and in and outta this bitch.

Ain’t nobody gonna do nothin’.

I’m like that kid from The Sixth Sense, only instead of seeing dead people, I see malarkey.

Only I’m like him when he’s old.

And jaded.

There ain’t no more sunshine in my jib.

Anyway, whatever.

Just bring the apocalypse already.

Here’s some clips.

Joe Biden will have a woman (slut, whore, gash) VP.

Biden is AGAINST having a revolution.

Bernie says the primary goal is to shut up Donald Trump (which isn’t the view of his supporters – their primary goal is a revolution).

They both want to tackle Coronavirus with open borders. lol.

Anyway, yeah – ultimate boredom, maxed out.

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