At 911 Memorial, Deplorable Negroid Ruler Mocks Victims: “Diversity is Our Greatest Strength”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 11, 2016

The deplorable Negroid “Master of America” Barack Obama has used the memorial of 911 victims on this 15th anniversary to celebrate their deaths and call for more Islamic terrorists to flood America.

At the Pentagon, which got hit by these hajis, he presented a 10 minute stand-up comedy routine, viciously mocking the 3000 dead at the hands of his terrorist allies, literally claiming that the solution to terrorism is mass non-White immigration.

Like a satirical version of himself as the evil foreign anti-American occupation dictator, he literally said “diversity is our greatest strength.”

Not even joking, fam.

Groups like al-Qaeda, like Isil [Islamic State], know that they will never be able to defeat a nation as strong as America so instead they try to terrorize in the hopes they’ll stoke enough fear that we’ll turn on each other and we change who we are or how we live.

And that’s why it is so important today that we reaffirm our character as a nation, people from every corner of the world, every color, every religion every background bound by a creed as old as our founding.

E pluribus unum – as many we are one – for we know that our diversity our patchwork heritage is not a weakness, it is still and always will be one of our greatest strengths.

This is the America that was attacked that September morning, this is the America that we must remain true to.

Full transcript here, though the rest of it is just generic gibberish.

The key purpose of the speech was to mock the victims – to laugh in their faces by saying their deaths were utterly meaningless, and we are going to keep flooding America with terrorists to continue this sort of attack.

Just as the blood of all of the victims of Black Lives Matter and Black Lives Matter-inspired terrorism is on his hands, so too is the blood of those who died in Boston, San Bernardino and Orlando (don’t much care about the last one though lol). Because despite the fact that we know having Moslems in our country will result in the deaths of innocents, the government refuses to round them up and deport them, saying it is more important to exterminate Whites through multiculturalism than it is to save innocent people from death.

Diversity has brought nothing good to America. It has resulted in death, financial crisis and the destruction of our identity. To continue to celebrate it after we know for a fact what it does to our country is treason.

It’s deplorable.