“At 16, I was Making £15,000 to £20,000 a Month” Selling Nudes Online, Woman Says

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 8, 2020

Life’s pretty good when you make preposterous sums of money by showing your skin through the Internet.

The nice thing about the flu hysteria destroying Western economies is that men will think twice before sending money to these sluts.



Daily Mail:

Thousands of British teenagers are selling their own naked pictures and videos online – making ridiculous sums of money each month in the process, an investigation has found.

A BBC Three documentary titled Nudes4Sale found that girls are claiming to have made up to as much as £37,000 a month from selling explicit material on websites such as OnlyFans.com.

The use of social media websites like Twitter and Snapchat are also being used to help boost and promote profiles in a bid to earn more cash while making the most successful on the site millionaires in no time.

Women don’t even have to prostitute themselves to make that kind of money anymore.

They just take some pictures and record some videos while playing around with their naked bodies and countless men will line up to pay them in order to obtain the privilege of witnessing their female form.

It is disgusting.

Reporter Ellie Flynn, who has been tasked with exploring the ins and outs of the website itself, uses a facial recognition technology to expose just how young some of the website’s users are.

One of the photos that is examined claims to say that one of the website’s female users is as young as 14 while Flynn demonstrates just how easy it is to bypass age restriction limitations by using a ID of someone over the age of 18.

Another girl who found success on the website also revealed how she became successful on the website but was still under the age of 18 at the time of recording.

Flynn tracked down the 17-year-old Scot named ‘Hannah’ for privacy purposes, to delve into more detail about the process of signing up and who her audience is.

At 16, I was making £15,000 to £20,000 a month. I’m really mature and really safe about stuff,’ Hannah said.

OnlyFans, Snapchat and Twitter insist they have a zero-tolerance approach to child sexual abuse.

There is no legal requirement for the websites such as OnlyFans to scan for child sex abuses on their platform. However, the offending material must be taken down one its been flagged to them.

Underage girls are receiving preposterous amounts of money in exchange for letting men see their bodies through a computer screen. There is no one forcing them to do it, so calling it “child sex abuse” implies that these girls are abusing themselves for money.

The same thirsty males that now enable these girls to live the high life will turn into their worst nightmare once everyone runs out of money and whatever’s left of civilization completes its collapse.

Once the rape horde sets out to conquer the remains of the West, men will realize that paying for women was never really necessary.

“No! You have to pay first!”

It will all be out there for the taking.