Asylum Seekers at San Diego’s San Ysidro Border Crossing to Wait in Mexico Starting Friday

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 25, 2019

Hey, you see that brown child in the above picture? Do you want to make that brown child cry? Because this will likely make that brown child cry.


The Trump administration on Friday will start forcing some asylum seekers to wait in Mexico while their cases wind through U.S. courts, an official said, launching what could become one of the more significant changes to the immigration system in years.

The changes will be introduced at San Diego’s San Ysidro border crossing, according to a U.S. official familiar with the plan who spoke on condition of anonymity Thursday because it was not yet publicly announced. San Ysidro is the nation’s busiest crossing and the choice of asylum seekers who arrived to Tijuana, Mexico, in November in a caravan of more than 6,000 mostly Central American migrants.

The policy, which is expected to face a legal challenge, may be expanded to other crossings. It does not apply to children traveling alone or to asylum seekers from Mexico.

The details were finalized during bilateral talks in Mexico City over the last few days. It calls for U.S. authorities to bus asylum seekers back and forth to the border for court hearings in downtown San Diego, including an initial appearance within 45 days.

Nothing really changed for Mexicans that want to get into United States then, and the caravans will see an increase of minors traveling alone to work around this policy.

The policy could severely strain Mexican border cities. U.S. border authorities fielded 92,959 “credible fear” claims — an initial screening to have asylum considered — during a recent 12-month period, up 67 percent from a year earlier.

Do you see how insane this whole situation is? We have people literally telling us keeping invaders out of our land “could severely strain Mexican border cities” with a straight face. Yeah, well, those “migrants” will either severely strain American cities or they’ll severely strain Mexican cities.

Or, alternatively… if Mexico doesn’t want these caravans to severely strain its border cities, then how about they kick them all out and keep future caravans from entering?

See how everything is always somehow the fault of the white man?

The Department of Homeland Security said the policy would “reduce the number of aliens taking advantage of U.S. law and discourage false asylum claims” and will no longer let asylum seekers “disappear into the U.S. before a court issues a final order.”

It was about time.

It’s not clear if Central Americans will be deterred from seeking asylum in the U.S. if they have to wait in Tijuana, a booming city with plenty of jobs. Tijuana doesn’t come close to matching the U.S. on wages, and asylum seekers generally have far fewer family ties than they do in the U.S.

The “Remain in Mexico” policy is President Donald Trump’s latest move to reshape immigration policy, though it may prove temporary. Other major changes have been blocked in court, including a ban on seeking asylum by people who cross the border illegally from Mexico and dismissing domestic and gang violence as grounds for asylum.

Anything short of a huge wall may prove temporary.

The Daily Beast:

The last time a caravan tried to enter Mexico, the migrants found themselves up against police in riot gear, closed fences, and canisters of tear gas. But there was none of that last week, when members of the latest caravan arrived at the Mexican border.

There was only an offer from Mexican immigration authorities: one-year visas to enter Mexico, with the ability to travel to any part of the country, even the border of the United States. However, it remained unclear whether asylum seekers would be able to enter the U.S. because of the rollout Friday of a new policy that forces people to wait in Mexico until they can return to the U.S. for their court dates. The first asylum seekers affected by the policy were scheduled to be released into Mexico on Friday.

These humanitarian visas are supposed to be issued in about five days, instead of the usual month, opening up a fast track to reach the U.S. by providing legal entry to people who otherwise would have likely traveled undocumented. As applications ballooned, the Mexican response seemed to set up a confrontation with President Donald Trump, who tweeted on Jan. 19: “Mexico is doing NOTHING to stop the Caravan which is now fully formed and heading to the United States.”

The administration of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the Mexican president who entered office on Dec. 1, had promised to change its immigration policies, since Mexico has traditionally focused on deporting the majority of Central Americans instead of granting them a means of transit. In a week, it has quickly found itself with more than 12,000 migrants in line for permits.

We take a step towards keeping invaders away, Mexico pushes us back. Maybe it’s time we push Mexico back, for once.

Giving these caravaneers the means for a more comfortable stay while they wait for their asylum claims to be rejected only encourages more of them to submit to the process. More and more will come, and the army gathering at the border will grow and grow and grow and grow.

Hundreds of visas have been handed out in recent days, but the processing times are slower than originally stated, and in the meantime, people have started to sleep in the parking lot and to string up sheets on the overpass above the Suchiate River, which divides Mexico and Guatemala. It remains unclear whether the plan will disperse the caravan, or if it will eventually backfire, causing the caravan to grow. Limited cash and security concerns may still lead migrants to proceed together, either on foot, hitchhiked vehicles, or donated buses.

“It remains unclear whether making the invasion easier for invaders and making them comfier will be an incentive for them to invade.”

The current state of NPC land.

That’s not going to reduce dramatically the number of people who see the U.S. as their primary destination, in part because of an economic difference, of salaries between the U.S. and Mexico, and because they have families in the U.S. That’s a key factor,” said Maureen Meyer, the director of the Washington Office on Latin America’s Mexico program.

Not only Mexico is making it easier for caravans to wait, but Mexicans themselves are also interested in invading America.

This is why nothing short of stopping all forms of immigration will work.

Full shutdown.

Half-measures are not going to do.

We have to get rid of this stupid “asylum” concept that is exploitable by every sin-skinned living in every sin-skinned country and build a huge huge huge huge HUGE wall that will be visible even from space, letting the whole galaxy know AMERICA DOESN’T NEED MORE PEOPLE, WE ARE FINE, THANKS BUT NO THANKS. KEEP OUT.