“Asylum Seeker” Rapes 13-Year-Old Girl Who was Teaching Him German

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
October 8, 2018

The parents of this 13-year-old girl let her run around a “refugee center” filled with hordes of leering hajis.

Eventually, the parents let her “tutor” one of the hajis in a room… and he enriches her.

Either the parents are the dumbest libshits in Bückeburg, or they wanted this to happen to their daughter.

Voice of Europe:

A 27-year-old asylum seeker in Bückeburg in Germany, admits to forcing a 13-year-old girl to have sex with him, news outlet Unser Tirol reports.

The young girl and the migrant met at the local refugee relief centre and they met several times. The migrant said he wanted to learn the German language.

But when he had the chance, his real intentions came to light. He attacked and raped the 13-year-old girl in the room of her friend in Bückeburg.

“My daughter said that he held her and locked the door,” the girl’s mother is quoted by the Schaumburg News . “He forced her as she said, ‘No, I do not want that.’”

The man claims he did not know that his victim was only 13-years-old. “I thought she was 18 or 19. She looked grown-up,” he says in German court.

The accused must now be proven guilty by the court. Prosecutor Karin Dubben accuses the asylum seeker of severe sexual abuse of a child.