AstraZeneca Rebrands Its Deadly Vaccine “Vaxzevria” After Many Deaths

People don’t want to take the vaccine because it’s killing people and causing other strange side effects?

Just rename it!

Then, when people get nervous because the newly-named vaccine is still killing people, we can just rename it again!


AstraZeneca has renamed its Covid-19 vaccine, a move that coincides with the company’s struggle to reassure the public that its drug is safe, following numerous reports of potential adverse effects.

The British-Swedish pharmaceutical has rebranded its jab, which previously went by the simple ‘AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine’, to ‘Vaxzevria’. In a press release, the company said that the name change does not involve any alterations to the actual drug. Medical workers should be made aware of the rebrand though, the firm said, because the labeling and packaging can look different.

The European Medicines Agency signed off on the new name last week after AstraZeneca sought approval for the change from the EU regulator. Covishield, which is based on the same formula but was developed in collaboration with the Serum Institute of India, will retain its current branding.

The debut of ‘Vaxzevria’ comes as AstraZeneca fends off growing uncertainty about its drug, which was created in tandem with Oxford University. More than a dozen countries across Europe have temporarily halted their rollout of the vaccine following reports of blood clots. EU health officials, as well as the pharma firm, have maintained that the vaccine is safe and not related to the medical episodes, some of which led to death.

Think about this:

They know that the masses of people are stupid enough that they will think that is a new, different vaccine because the name changed.

How can people that are that uninformed and gullible be expected to participate in democracy?

How can those people be expected to make an informed decision about being injected with a dangerous, experimental gene therapy?

The appeal that democracy-believers make to the masses of people, framing them as intelligent and capable of understanding complex subjects and making informed decisions, is ridiculous on its face.

The icing on the cake is the fact that they will also claim the opposite at the same time, saying that people are too stupid to have access to free information, and that information must be censored in order to “protect democracy” from the inability of people to parse information.

Democracy is and has always been a horrible idea, and it has always been the favored system of tyrants.

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Our Founding Fathers gave us a Republic, which limited the ability to vote to people who had already proven themselves capable through performance. Universal suffrage is a scourge, and it is something we never should have accepted.