Associated Press Alleges German National Socialists Received Millions in American Social Security

Lee Rogers
Daily Slave
October 21, 2014

The NSDAP – the most evil people ever to live [Source: 6 million Jewish liars].
If there are any German National Socialists still alive from the World War II era, they are in their 90s.  It is unbelievable that we see this continued witch hunt to persecute these people even though the war ended 70 years ago.

The latest example of this insanity is seen with an Associated Press report which has determined, based on an alleged 2-year investigation, that there were German National Socialists who received millions of dollars in Social Security payments after they immigrated to the United States following the war.  I don’t see how this is even a news story.  If some Germans immigrated to the United States after the war, and started a business or held a job, then they earned their Social Security benefits. The Associated Press acts like this is some sort of major scandal.

I’d like to know why the Associated Press won’t do a full length expose on the Holocaust industry, and how we see countless Jews profiting off of their ridiculous hoax.  The Germans have literally paid these lying Jews billions of dollars worth of reparations for an atrocity which never even happened.  That is a much bigger scandal than a few German National Socialists receiving Social Security benefits they legitimately earned.

Of course, the Associated Press and the rest of the big media outlets in America are run or influenced by Jews, so we will see no such investigation into history’s dumbest hoax.  However, we will undoubtedly see many more stories demonizing the German National Socialists as the most evil people ever to live, until these corrupt Jewish media operations are shut down and dissolved or nationalized by a hardcore NS government.