Assemble, Ye Trolls: It’s NRO Raid Time

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 9, 2016

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The time has come for a classic trollstorm against our blood enemies: the filthy Jews and their enablers.

We have been called upon by the noble warriors of The Right Stuff, who have organized with /pol/ a full-frontal assault on the National Review Online, a cuckservative and kikeservative publication which has attacked us and Our Glorious leader, attempted to steer “conservative” into a pro-immigrant, pro-Jew, non-racist direction. It is the website version of Jeb Bush.


This could well be the greatest trolling operation in the history of internet Nazism.

TRS has released the following orders.

Make 5-10 suck puppet troll accounts each. These will come in handy if you happen to get banned and will allow you to easily hop back into the troll. Make these clever, funny, and derogatory towards cuckservatism. Humor and wit will be our greatest assets here. Ideally, everyone should have a couple of these sock accounts that are impersonations of the NRO moderators. This will cause confusion and possibly lead to the mods banning each other(lol) in their attempt to ban the hordes of indistinguishable sock accounts.

Here are some of the moderator profiles:


All for Naught:


Mars Attacks!:

Post a mix of well reasoned comments/hatefacts as well as ordinary troll spam. While we are going for a “shock and awe” angle here, we do also need to get some of our arguments out there for people viewing this spectacle. Those with cuckservative styled sock accounts should set their fellow trolls up with easily refutable posts.

Get your sockpuppets ready.

Alcohol is allowed.

We ride at 19:00 EST.

You Hate the National Review, Even if You’ve Never Heard of It

The National Review is the headbase of the #kikeservative Jonah Goldberg, who has been pushing the right wing leftward for decades, coming up with seemingly intellectual arguments arguing for massive numbers of brown people coming at you.


Along with pushing the invasion, and a pro-Israel agenda, he has openly attacked Our Glorious Leader. In fact, NRO has become a lead base for “conservative” anti-Donaldism.


The site’s entire purpose is to Jew-over well-meaning Christians and other Whites by tricking them into Jewing their own selves.

David French, apparently a non-Jew, has attacked all forms of racism. He is a literal cuckold, having volunteered to raise some Black man’s bastard child.

david french nro

There are serious questions as to what exactly he is doing with this monkey child in its bedroom at night, but there is no evidence.

What is more, he equates bringing monkey children from Africa and paying to raise them is “Christian charity.” But what would you expect from a man whose lower lip is flush with his chest?

Guy looks like friggin Gumby.

Subject: Gumby On 2015-01-27, at 8:18 PM, "Yeo, Debra" wrote: The stop-motion character Gumby celebrates its 60th anniversary on Friday. TELETOON RETRO TGG_Frame_Mov_03.jpg

Wer is ur chin, brah?

Logistics of This Invasion

National Review uses disqus, which you are all presumably familiar with. As always, you can easily make multiple accounts using 10 minute mail, but presently this isn’t necessary as they are not requiring email confirmation – you can just enter a completely nonsense email, such as

As the raid is recognized as a raid, they will no doubt implement email confirmation for new accounts. So be ready to use 10 minute mail. Also get ready to make a benign first comment, in case they implement first comment approval.

The fake moderator accounts will be good, but that might not last long. Enjoy it while it lasts. Keep saying “I’m a moderator here and I have realized these Nazi trolls are right about everything.”

You can either premake your accounts, or just make them as you get banned. Probably, because it is going to get hot and heavy, having a few accounts premade will be a good idea. Just copy the credentials to a word file and when you get banned log-in immediately with a pre-made backup.

Note that in order to see comments, you have to click “view comments,” just below the up and down thumbs.


This will lead to a response, whatever happens. And that response will be funny. These people, just like their liberal counterparts, are totally humorless in nature. Obscenely humorless.

They will whine and scream and tear out their hair, and we will keep pushing and eventually, like so many others, they will be forced to either shut down their comments section or meet our demands.

The raid will be coordinated on TRS and right here. Though the necessity of coordination will be low. Just do what you do. There is no wrong way to troll people, unless it isn’t funny.


History will be made tonight, boys.

Hail Victory.