“Assassinating the Thots Americans Don’t Want to Assassinate”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 6, 2018

I was never convinced of George W. Bush’s immigration policy, which was based on the claim that the Burrito Brigade was “doing the jobs Americans don’t want to do.” This appears to be factually inaccurate. In fact, it seems that these were just jobs that Americans didn’t want to do for the price Mexicans were willing to do them for.

Because look, even gross jobs like working in sewers and so on – if you’re getting paid enough, it can be well worth it. That’s the way the economy works.

However, there is one job that Americans are unwilling to do, and that is murdering sluts.

White Americans are cowardly wimps, who will not even beat women, let alone shoot them in the head.

So I guess this right here is George W. Bush’s big anti-Nazi “I told you so” moment.

Touche, Mr. Bush.


Huffington Post:

A Colorado man was sentenced to decades behind bars this week after telling authorities that a teenager he fatally shot last year hired him to do it.

Adams County District Judge Roberto Ramirez sentenced Joseph Lopez, 23, to 48 years in prison on Monday for the 2017 slaying of 19-year-old Natalie Bollinger. Lopez, of Northglenn, was sentenced after pleading guilty to second-degree murder, the Broomfield Enterprise reported.

Speaking at the sentencing hearing, her father, Ted Bollinger, described her as an artist who was passionate and loved nature.

“You took advantage of my daughter,” Ted Bollinger said, according to Denver’s KMGH-TV. “She was vulnerable and … [you] brutally shot and killed my baby.”

Now, here’s what I want you to do.

Look at this guy’s face:

While listening to the first verse of this song.

Tell me THAT is not funny.

Lopez claimed he contacted Natalie Bollinger after seeing a Craigslist ad titled “I want to put a hit on myself,” the Adams County Sheriff’s Office said.

He said he played “the persona of a hitman” and agreed to shoot her after he was unable to persuade her to change her mind, police said. He also said she provided the gun.

Authorities were never able to confirm the existence of the Craigslist ad but did find evidence of more than 100 text messages exchanged between Bollinger and Lopez.

Speaking in court on Monday, Chief Deputy District Attorney Ally Baber said Lopez should have contacted police when he saw the ad.

“He didn’t respond as a human being,” Baber said. “He responded as a predator.”


Jeez, Drumpf.

Cool it with the anti-immigrant remarks. 

Bollinger was last seen alive in Broomfield, a town outside Denver, on Dec. 28, 2017. Her body was found the next day near an Adams County dairy farm.

Her death was attributed to a single gunshot wound to the head. The medical examiner noted toxicology tests revealed she had a potentially lethal dose of heroin in her bloodstream, CBS Denver reported.

According to KMGH-TV, detectives found Bollinger’s purse and the gun used to kill her in Lopez’s vehicle. Questioned by police, he reportedly offered differing stories about the incident.

At one point Lopez finally told detectives that after he picked up Bollinger at her home, she exited his vehicle and knelt on the ground and he walked up to her, said a prayer and “fired a shot,” KMGH-TV reported.


Yeah, okay, so.

I guess I sort of get why people are mad about this. Sort of.

But look: the bitch had stretched earlobes and tattoos.

Come on.

Those face piercings?

I guess the actual question should be about assisted suicide, generally. I don’t have an ultra-strong opinion on that. It obviously makes sense in the cases of terminal illness. Up through the 1980s, it was standard practice in normal hospitals to purposefully OD someone on morphine when you knew they were just going to be in pain for the rest of their life.

If you have a society where young, fertile women want to kill themselves, then you probably have a very serious social problem that you need to look at before you start looking at any other details.

With regards to this particular situation – well, it is two consenting adults, no? What right then, in our post-Christian society, does the state have to interfere with their actions? That’s a serious question, because I legitimately do not know the argument here.

As to importing Mexicans to carryout the assassinations of young sluts – well, that should be up to the courts to decide.

I will say that watching the video of her grandma playing her last voice message in court, I got this sort of thing that was like a stomach ache in my lower chest. I think it might have been what people call “an emotion.”

And I certainly think Natalie would have been happier chained up in my kitchen than she is dead.

And looking at more pictures of her – yeah, I would have shaved her head and taken those things out of her ears and chained her up with the others.

So I guess maybe we should deport all of these spics…?

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