Assange to Megyn [sic] Kelly: Hillary About to Get BTFO

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 25, 2016

The White Wizard and ALBINO ANTAGONIST Julian Assange connected his ridiculously poor Skype cam and mic to the Megyn [sic] Kelly show yesterday, to tell of the horror which is to come for the evil witch.

He is being modest about the potential effects of the upcoming leaks, saying that they will change things if the media focuses on them.

Obviously, the media won’t focus on them – they just buried the AP report on 85 private individuals (mostly Jews) BUYING influence from the State Department by funding the Clinton foundation. These included Clinton flying to Bangladesh to intervene with the government on behalf of a Paki banker who bribed her.

The drop has to be huge for it to get to the public. Trump can only do so much.

Fingers crossed.